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Blog, Personal Stories January 29, 2017

Paediatrics Is Trying to Kill Me and How I’m Going to Fight Back

They warned me. They said it’d be tough. I thought they were just exaggerating. They repeatedly said, “When you get to paediatrics posting, you’ll finally understand.” I thought it was just horse shit. Then I found myself in the Paediatrics…..

Blog, Online Business Hustle January 20, 2017

How To Land Your First Online Writing Job on Upwork (And How I Landed Mine)

You’ve decided you want to make money writing online. Great. There’s just one teeny weeny little problem. You don’t know how to start.   I mean, it’s pretty straightforward when you want to get a job offline, in real life……

Blog, Blogging January 16, 2017

5 Secrets that Ugo C. Ugo Can Teach You About Creating Evergreen Content

[Image credit:] Ah… Ugo C. Ugo- the foundation of any would-be-successful Common entrance examination preparation. I used it. You used it. And what’s crazy is that my soon-to-be 12 yr old kid sister also used it. Ugo C. Ugo…..