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Blog, Site Reviews May 31, 2017

Let’s gist about Janded Gist – The Review

This crazy user has landed… where the gist is said to be janded. It’s your turn,, let’s see what you got going on. I don’t feel like doing “senrenre” today, so I’m going to keep it straight and to…..

Free conference abuja
Blog May 31, 2017

57 Motivational Quotes from Free Conference Abuja, 2017

2 days ago, it finally happened. That moment I had been waiting for. I’m not usually one to get on any bandwagon or promote things but the minute I saw that Jimi Tewe was planning to bring a team of…..

Blog, Site Reviews May 30, 2017

Who took the Blaze outta The Blaze Zone- The Review

So I decided to go hang at some chill spot… Can’t say the name before peeps go whistle-blower mode on me 😀 . Just me, the laptop, my mi-fi, some good drinks and my new beef with Nairaland. But I…..

Blog, Site Reviews May 30, 2017

The Business with – The Review

Okay, yes I haven’t done any reviews in the past week. I dey house, comman beat me. It’s not exactly all my fault… Nairaland kinda banned me everytime I tried to post this… okay, maybe it is my fault (even…..

picking a web hosting plan

The Sharp Guy’s Guide to Picking A Web Hosting Plan

Yes. In my Dj Khaled voice: “It’s another one” This right here is your guide to picking a web hosting plan. And as you should know, web hosting is one of the essentials in online business. Almost right up there…..

cover photo of me for the sharp guy guide series

The Sharp Guy Guide to Picking A Domain Name

Let’s not “form” ignorant.  Don’t gimme that look. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve used one or more every single time you used the internet. If you’ve been around this interwebs a bit, you know what a domain name…..