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abtech site review
Blog, Site Reviews July 19, 2017

Putting the Tech in this Abtech Site Review

  It’s been a while… yeah? I apologize. In the words of Mr. Carter, I’ve been hustling. So I’ve been a bit busy but I’m back now. In a new, keep-it-simple-straightforward style. And Abtech, I don come your domot. Without…..

blogging mistakes
Blog, Blogging July 17, 2017

Are You Making These 10 Blogging Mistakes?

These days every Tom, Dick, Harry or Ekaette has a blog (or wants to start one).  Think I’m lying? Well, if you’re reading this, I can confidently say one thing about you – You either have a blog or you…..

starting an e-commerce business

9 Things to Know When Starting An E-Commerce Business

In the beginning, there was Amazon. And Amazon arose and clinched the title of The Heavyweight championship belt in E-commerce. Except in China. (If I remember correctly, Alibaba is King over there). There have been many challengers, but none have…..

alayojuran site review
Blog, Site Reviews July 11, 2017

Who Wants Tickets to this Alayojuran Site Review?

Okay, I honestly didn’t know how to come at this site. Partly because it looks like you’ve not finished setting this site up. From this image, it barely looks like the site is active. Till we click on “Blog” in…..

when you fall

The Lost Week: What to Do When You Fall

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it.  There’s no easy way to admit this to you, but… I fell off last week. No writing, or major hustling. I tried, but I couldn’t quite keep it together to construct a simple predicate, not…..

sapphireveils site review
Blog, Site Reviews July 1, 2017

When I Peeked Through the Veil In A SapphireVeils Site Review

So I decided to go a bit out of character, and do reviews back to back, instead of my usual 1-3 days delay. Yes, I took a peek through the veil at the site and this review is about what…..

schoolng site review
Blog, Site Reviews July 1, 2017

That Time I got Schooled in a Schoolng Site Review

You know how I hate reviewing forum sites, you know, because most people keep trying to do the same thing Nairaland is doing? Well, not to give too much away before the actual review, this forum is one I don’t…..