The 3 Ps To Get More Customers Online

Let’s face it.get more customers online

A business without customers is either a hobby or an NGO.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business.

Without blood, businesses die.

The End.

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Okay, not really. But you do get my point – Customers are very necessary for your business.

Samuel Gold Akinpelu, founder of the ThinkSmart Hub and Amazon best selling author, once said:

“Till you have customers, you don’t have a business.”

Mark Cuban, billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, says:

“Sales cure all.”

I think you get it by now. Customers are everything to your business.

So how do you get these customers online?

Well, that’s what this post is about.

Feel free to get an empty notebook because shii is about to get real.

The 3 Ps to Get More Customers Online

When it comes down to getting more customers online, there really are only 3 main ways to do it.

And each of these ways can be described with the letter ‘P’ – Pull, Push and Product.

Easy Peasy.

Let me explain:



Just like the name implies, this P is all about pulling customers to you online.get more customers online

But customers are very unruly, distracted human beings so you really need to get slick if you want to pull them to you.

How do you do this?

Simple. You “give the people what they want”.

You do that by creating content that addresses problems your target customers have, and offer solutions to these problems. You create content that informs and educates them. Content that helps them fix their problems.

And you don’t just do this once; you keep at it and do it consistently. You also optimize this content for SEO (so your target customers can find it easily) and share it on your social media platforms.

This tactic utilizes good keyword research, and SEO to attract your target audience from the natural free traffic roaming about search engines looking for solutions to their problems.

The only drawback of this tactic is it takes long before you start to see any reasonable outcome from your efforts


If you need to attract customers and fast, then you might want to push them to your business.get more customers online


You’re going to have to interrupt them and show them something that catches their eye. You do this by advertising to them.

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First, identify where your target customers spend time online and then interrupt their chill with an ad that catches their attention.

You could run social media ads (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and/or Search and Display ads (Google, Youtube) to push your target customers to your online business.

You’ll have to spend money on these ads but if they’re hyper-targeted and optimized correctly, you could get a huge amount of customers from them.



Seth Godin said, in his book The Purple Cow:

“The product is its best form of marketing.”

Now, you might have heard of growth hacking before, or maybe you haven’t.get more customers online

Growth hacking is a form of marketing that combines engineering, with analytics and design with a unique focus on growth.

It makes use of techniques known as “growth hacks”. Some of these growth hacks involve adding a feature to the product that allows customers attract more customers to your business.

For example, Dropbox, a service that provides people and businesses with online storage, offer you more space if you invite friends. This has been one of the features that has helped them grow astronomically and quickly.

When you create a product or a service, all you need to do is answer this question:

“How can I get my customers to tell their friends about my product/service?”

Figure out the answer to that, and you’ll be able to use your product itself to attract more customers to your online business.

The only issue here is you’re going to need quite a few heads and hands to execute on most product ideas so you should definitely take that into account.


There you have it – The 3 Ps to rule the world of customer acquisition and get ahead of your competition fast… while they’re still dulling.

Tell Me What You Think

Got any more ideas on how to attract more customers? Or maybe you’re unclear on one of the 3 Ps.

Let’s talk in the comments.


P.S. It’s an AWESOME day to start your online business. Are you ready?


Keeping it 500,

Tomi “Have You Started Your Online Business Yet?” Joshua

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