5 Secrets that Ugo C. Ugo Can Teach You About Creating Evergreen Content

Ugo C. Ugo is evergreen content
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Ah… Ugo C. Ugo- the foundation of any would-be-successful Common entrance examination


I used it. You used it.

And what’s crazy is that my soon-to-be 12 yr old kid sister also used it.

Ugo C. Ugo is almost as synonymous with being a Nigerian as this picture.

Coursera business 728x90

Come on. You know you loved Cabin biscuit when you were younger. You put butter in between or put it in milk and water.


But I digress.

My point is this- Ugo C. Ugo is as timeless as the tide or as time itself. It is being passed down from one generation to the next… and to the next…

And if things go well, there might be an Ugo C. Ugo mobile app anytime from now.

Now that’s a money-making idea right there.

So how did Ugo C. Ugo become so legendary?

Answer- He created evergreen content.

Okay, let me explain.

Evergreen content, simply put, is content that never goes out of fashion. Content that is fundamental, need-to-know information in a particular niche.

Evergreen content is content that is always in season. Content that will always be useful, from now till the prophecy in the Terminator movies comes to pass and SkyNet eventually takes over our minds and all.

And even then, evergreen content will probably still be in season.

For writers who want to make a name online, evergreen content is a must. Evergreen content not only makes you appear like an authority in your niche, it has also been shown to improve SEO rankings.

It’s also what will keep your readers coming back again and again and again.

Granting you favour in the eyes of Big Daddy Google.

We could spend all day talking about how evergreen content benefits you, but let’s dive right into this topic.

Ugo C. Ugo = Evergreen Content, all day, come rain or volcano eruption.

We may not really know who Ugo C. Ugo is, but we know his books. We are very familiar with the value added by using his books, and a lot of us owe our success in the Common Entrance examination to Ugo C. Ugo.

Ugo C. Ugo was undoubtedly a great series of books. And I know you probably thought you were done wit him, but what if we weren’t?

What if there was still some nugget of wisdom and knowledge that Ugo C. Ugo could teach us?

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Well, there is. And you’re about to read it.

If you’re interested in creating content online, you will need to know how to create evergreen content.

I know what you’re thinking: “Who ‘evergreen’ content don epp?”

With evergreen content like Neil Patel’s The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing, or Heimdal Security’s How to Find The Best Antivirus, the Ultimate Guide, I would say a lot of people.

That’s part of what makes evergreen content evergreen- it serves as an incredible resource year after year after year, never losing its relevance.

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Now, let’s talk about what Ugo C. Ugo can teach you about creating evergreen content.

Secret #1: It all begins with the fundamentals.

If memory serves me correctly, the Ugo C. Ugo past questions began somewhere from the year 1990. Don’t quote me on that, but I know for sure that the first year of past questions in the textbook were from before I was born.

I wrote my Common entrance examination sometime in 2000. I had to prepare by going back to previous years.

Ugo C. Ugo was (and still is) the perfect study resource for that. And that’s why I used it. Why you used it.

And why many more people will continue to use Ugo C. Ugo from one generation to the other.

Lesson- When creating evergreen content, begin with the fundamentals. Start at the beginning. Keep it simple stupid.

Write like you were trying to explain nuclear physics to a 5 year old. Imagine that the audience you were writing for had no prior knowledge of the topic.

Then create the ultimate resource for them.

But it all begins with the fundamentals.

Secret #2: Be the Answer to ONE Question/ Problem

Ugo C. Ugo was basically the slang name for the Nationwide Common Entrance Past Questions Book.

It wasn’t a textbook on Mathematics, English or Integrated Science.

It was a collection of past questions from over the years… that, and nothing else.

And that’s why we loved it.

If you needed to pick up the pace in your preparation but didn’t have all the time to start from scratch, Ugo C. Ugo was the answer.

It solved only one problem.

Lesson- Evergreen content isn’t about trying to talk about too many things at once. It is about picking one definite topic or fundamental fact and go into as much detail on that as possible.

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So when you find your topic, dive right in. Discuss the content at length and in detail.

Evergreen content doesn’t scratch the surface, it drills through the subsoil to the core of the topic.

Secret #3: Always stay up to date

Every year, there was a new set of past questions to add to Ugo C. Ugo.

The more past questions that were added with each year, the more relevant Ugo C. Ugo became.

And with every new year, Ugo C. Ugo didn’t dull for one minute. He added the new past question to the collection, repackaged it and sent it out again as a new product and counting new cash in the process.

Lesson- Evergreen content might be evergreen, but the times are changing. And as they change, there are new developments.

Regularly doing an audit of your evergreen content and updating where necessary will keep your evergreen content relevant for a very long time.

Secret #4: Don’t Forget About Branding

Okay, by show of hands, who here didn’t instantly recognize the first picture at the beginning of this article?



Ugo C. Ugo created a brand known for collating past questions, answering them and supplying us with those answers.

And we won’t be quick to forget it.

Lesson- There is literally a shit ton of evergreen content out there on the Internet. What will make yours stand out is if you don’t rehash the same old content on your topic.

Sure, you can read all the oldies to get a better knowledge of the topic before you write.

But when you do write, make sure to do it in a unique way. Write in your own voice. Don’t be afraid to take the old info, and put your own spin on it.

Remember- An original will always be worth more than a copy.

Secret #5: Promotion is A Game Changer

Again, Ugo C. Ugo absolutely killed this aspect.

He created his product, made sure to promote it to the right people and saturate the market with his product.

I doubt there’s a single bookstore for books for primary school pupils that doesn’t have Ugo C. Ugo.

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He most likely got teachers involved in using the product, talked to the Ministry of Education, got them to approve it for primary schools, then he put in work and made it spread like that cough and catarrh in rainy season.

Lesson- Don’t just create evergreen content and let it sit somewhere on your blog, among the hundreds of blog posts you may or may not have.

Start by creating a section with a title like “Start Here” and then have your evergreen content there.

Then move on to regularly sharing your content on social media.

Watch the trends and then find a way to connect it with your content, then give a brief description and then share it.

Not once, or twice.

Consistently. Now I’m not saying ” Disturb us with your content all the time.”

You have to be strategic about it. Evergreen content is built to stand the test of time and always be relevant, so treat it that way.

When something reminds you about it, share it.

When you read a topic or a question concerning that topic, share it.

In a few months, share it. In a year, share it.

When in doubt, share it.

Get the idea?


So there you go, 5 secrets about creating evergreen content that can make you proudly say, “Ugo C. Ugo taught me that.”

Next time, we might talk about what Don Jazzy taught me about branding (or not 😀 )

500 Naira Writer signing out.

** Begins to wonder whether he should quickly bathe and get to work or he should chill a bit because damnit, he was on call yesterday***

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