57 Motivational Quotes from Free Conference Abuja, 2017

2 days ago, it finally happened.

That moment I had been waiting for.

I’m not usually one to get on any bandwagon or promote things but the minute I saw that Jimi Tewe was planning to bring a team of amazing people to get us lit in Abj, I knew two things:

  1. I have to share this.
  2. I can’t dull. If I have to trek there just to be there, I will.

ASIDE: Luckily, I didn’t have to trek there (Thank God, because that journey be like inter-state travel).

I invited a lot of friends, “ginjahd” them as I usually do. Unfortunately for one reason or the other, they couldn’t make it so I ended up going alone.

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Anyway, I thought I’d just put down the quotes and a few tidbits I picked up at the conference.

Now, I have tried to rewrite the quotes in the original form but I can’t promise that my own “senrenre” will not enter. Plus some of them need a bit of paraphrasing for you to truly understand them.

I’m still reeling from the effects of that Conference and I doubt I will ever recover. Hopefully, these will tell you more about my situation.

Jimi Tewe started it off with this one, and in that moment, I knew I was in the right place.

” Your work is not what you do for a living; It’s what you do that allows you to be you.”

And that was only the beginning.

Steve Harris, Mr Edgecutioner himself. (IG @iamsteveharris):

A Two-time heavyweight school dropout champion who turned it all around and has become a Boss! I’ve been following him for quite some time now.

I signed up to his newsletter and took one of his courses yesterday. It blew my mind! I also downloaded his “Bulletproof your Business” ebook, and … omo mehnn, he dropped some knowledge in there.

Here are his quotes from the event.

  • The first place you need to be free is in your mind.

  • Your life experience will determine your belief systems. Your belief systems will determine your decisions and your decisions will determine your destiny.

  • For the past 20 or 30 years of your life, you’ve decided your destiny on false information because you have not experienced those situations you are afraid of. You have no facts for what you’re afraid of.

  • The currency of the rich is time. The currency of the poor is money.

  • Surround yourself with people whose results inspire and intimidate you.

  • Change your belief. Change your destiny.

  • Stop asking “What’s in it for me?” Start Asking : “What’s in me for it?”

  • This is how you get the attention of your mentor and don’t end up as a groupie- Figure out what problem he has and come up with a solution to that problem.

  • Create the value that will bring people to you.


The highly quotable, Mfon Ekpo (IG @mfonekpo1) :

I have to be honest.

I hadn’t really done my research on her or heard her speak prior to the event.

And then she came on and brought the thunder! She challenged assumptions, destroyed stereotypes and had me feeling like I aint even started yet and I loved every minute of it.

Here are some of her quotes ( I couldn’t get them all cos it was like mind blowing after mind blowing after roller coaster of mind blowing):

  • The problem is you think you have time.

  • In this knowledge economy, the more qualitative your thinking, the more money you will make.

  • The Knowledge economy does not respect dissipation of effort. It rewards quality of thought.

  • This is the best time to make money.

  • If your friends don’t challenge your quality of thought, every time you hang out with them, you’re losing money.

  • Social media is the reason you’re not rich.

  • If you want to succeed in this economy, you have to fight to get back your time.

  • This economy is like a bus loading of people who are putting their ideas into action. Some people are still hanging around buying banana. Once the bus moves, it’s gone.

  • Stop telling yourself “I can’t afford it” and start asking yourself “How can I afford it?”

  • Place a demand on yourself to produce.

  • How can you make N500,000 a month?

  • The only things stopping you are your ego and your willingness to invest in yourself.

  • You’re being blinded by your perception of yourself. Until you change your perception of yourself, you will not achieve your purpose.

  • Your job feeds your dream till your dream is strong enough to feed you.

  • Stop negotiating with your dream.

  • Invest in your training and education. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Ask yourself, “What value must I command for people to pay me 1 million?”

  • Free is a TRAP! Don’t do free. Free will keep you limited.

  •  What is that thing that you do that when you do it you’re on cloud 9 and don’t come down for days?… that’s who you are.

  • If you don’t pay (for courses, trainings) , you won’t pay attention.

  • Shut down the noise! Be ruthless with your time!

  • All the solutions you need you have. You’ve just not been quiet enough to figure it out.

  • You need to be valuable enough that if you’re not on social media, people will come to look for you wherever you are.

  • Learn to create wealth when you don’t need to.

  • Stop taking constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything.

  • Failure is a requirement.

  • Failure just means ” this didn’t work” or “I have to tweak the plan” .


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Ubong King, The Troublemaker himself (IG @ubongking) :

I also didn’t know much about him until I saw one Jimi Tewe picture with him and there was something about him that resonated with me. Then he got to the stage and brought the fire. He seemed calm but I could feel the fire within.

Now I want to be a Trouble maker too.

He said:


  • My 1st law of success is “Copy until you become.”

  • To succeed, you have to unlearn failure and learn success.

  • The greatest gift God gave to man is hunger. When people give you free food, they stop you from thinking and when that happens, they stop you from being productive.

  • The difference between a vulture and an eagle is appetite. The vulture is always going after dead things. It will wait till the animal has died before it will come and eat while the eagle only eats things it kills. If you’re waiting for 30 days for salary, you’re working from a vulture mentality. Productive mentality- The Eagle hunts its own food.

  • The only way to get out of trouble is to enter into trouble.

  • I compartmentalize people into different departments. There’s Addition- Those people who always give you new information and help you. Multiplication- People who challenge you and show you your potential. Subtraction- those people that are always telling you negative things and complaining. Division- those people that if they wear your shirt, they will tear it and they’re always destroying your things. If you are in the Division or Subtraction departments, I don’t care if you’re my mother or my sister, I have no business with you.


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Olori Boye, The I’m-not-a-fashion-designer-I’m-a-businesswoman Boss lady (IG @oloriboye):

I also didn’t know about her till the event but now… hmm, let me just say one thing.

Forget the ajebutter voice o! She was amazing blew me away. It’s like the veils over my eyes were ripped off, drastically. She said amazing things in the simplest of ways:

  • I think experimentation is important. The purpose is to discover what you want to do. Then you do what I call “rinsing”, you rinse away the rest and keep what you want to do.

  • Customer perception is everything.

  • Land where your customers are.

  • Money is built on relationships. If people cannot trust you, they won’t buy from you.


Jimi Tewe, the man who started this all (IG @jimitewe):

I wish he spoke for longer, but still I gotta pay homage where homage is due.

2 years ago, I was unemployed, looking for job while at the same time questioning my career choice, and then I heard him speak at Victory Chapel, Magodo, Lagos and he busted my brain. I think that’s where everything really started for me.

  • Resign from mediocrity.


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Nsikan Abasi Ekong, the FD-look alike (IG @nsikanabasiekong):

I didn’t know who he was or where he came out from, but FD brought him on stage, and in less than 15 minutes, he dropped this amazing line. I knew I just had to follow him.

  • When people ask you “What do you want?”, your answer should be : an opportunity.


Fela Durotoye, Mr. Nigeria himself (IG @feladurotoye):

The man. The myth. The legend. The #successgoal .

When I saw his face on the promo pic for the event, it was confirmed that there was nothing that would keep me from attending that event. Rain, hailstone, brimstone, lighting, thunder… nothing.

FD, as he is lovably called, was just… I can’t explain it in words.

So how about a little story?

During the conference, there was this moment when a representative from Smile Nigeria Ltd had to basically pitch his business to us.

The dude got shy, and was stammering and I don’t blame him. The crowd was enormous. I felt his pain. I started trying to ginjah him on. I was clapping and all.

Out of the blue, I see FD and (I think) the Troublemaker on stage, talking to the dude, I suspect, “ginjahring” him. They got him to calm down and he eventually delivered his pitch.

I think you already have an idea of how awesome FD is. And not just that, almost every single person that was a speaker at the event came across FD in some way before they were successful and that encounter led to their success.

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I don’t want to say Kingmaker, but in a way, he kinda is (or to be more correct, he’s the instrument God is using to make Kings). And he remains humble.

What a man.

Here are some of his quotes:

  • Leadership is influence. Influence is capability to sway thoughts, actions and behaviours of other people.

  • You are gifted to be a gift to others.

  • A true leader takes the grace he carries to the people who need it.

  • Leadership is the ability to bring out the best in yourself and in others.

  • Lack is an illusion. Once you take a step forward, everything you need will take a step towards you.

  • Failure plus explanation does not equal to success.


I know, I know… some of these quotes are contextual i.e. you needed to have been there to understand. Which is why I invited you (yes, Esosa, Awele, I’m talking to you now).

Unfortunately, as soon as FD was done with the prayers, I had to run cos I was about to be late for work so I couldn’t get the CDs. Hopefully they’ll be on sale and then we can all pick them up.

Wait… I’m not done. There was 1 person who surprised me.

Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu, Nwanyiakamu (IG @nwanyiakamu):

She started off saying she was shy, but when she let loose, the room could not contain her. I also had not heard about her, but when I found out that she made a success out of selling “pap”, she had my full attention.

I don’t know about you but pap is not something I have ever considered a million dollar market, but here she was, a living breathing insult to my misconception.

She dropped this line that hit me hard and I loved it:

“… if I seem arrogant, that’s because I am. I don’t apologise for it.”

It resonated with me hard because I’ve noticed that when you start getting a bit more successful, and you’re no longer playing on the low level, your friends and people, who still are, will accuse you of being arrogant.

They’ll call you that because they realize things are changing and most people don’t like change, especially in this our present government situation 😀

Someone, at the event, said “Whenever I hear Nwanyiakamu speak, I feel like I’m hearing the voice of God.”

I think I also felt that when she said:

” I believe in ‘Jump in’ .”

Which is what I plan to do.

Any quote that hit you hard or confused you?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Happy Hustling and receive ginjah!

Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

A bit brash, at first blush. But ultimately, he means well. There are very few things he won’t say or do in the presence of tolerant company (especially when it could make for a good story later).

Tomi is a Doctor, writer, certified inbound marketer (Shout Out to HubSpot), Digital Hustler, and online business addict.

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