March 31, 2017


crazy picture of Tomi, the 500 Naira WriterWho the Hell Am I and Why Should You Hire Me or Read My Blog?


Hi, I’m Tomi Joshua.

A pureblood Naija, Yoruba boy with the spirit of an Igbo man and the mindset of a Ukrainian.


I’m a Doctor by day, writer when ginjah hits me, life of the party (when the music is good), online marketer, online business addict and Digital Rockstar in the making.

There are very few things I won’t do or say in the presence of tolerant company, especially when it could make for a good story later.

I’ve wandered the internet for the last 6+ yrs (like person wey no get work), trying to make money online.

I’ve had my fair share of mistakes- once blew half my med school fees trying to make money online sharp sharp, but that’s another story. I also launched a blog that caused so much family drama I had to shut it down.

I also worked as a freelancer at Upwork, went toe to toe with the best of them, won some, lost some, failed, succeeded, then failed again more times I would prefer to admit.

If you’re about to think “I’ve got the wrong guy… how he go epp me?”, send that thought back down your spine.

Picture these for a minute.

  • Starting an online business with no knowledge of how to do …well… anything online.
  • Learning everything about online business from scratch.
  • “Over-studying” free stuff because for some reason best known to CBN, all your attempts to pay for online courses failed.
  • Having no physical mentor to guide you in what and what not to do in your online business.

That was how I started. And believe me, I won’t wish that on anybody.

It’s taken me so long and I just began to figure things out.

I’ve lived through this. And that’s why you don’t have to.


About The 500 Naira Writer

It started off like most things usually do- as an experiment.

I wanted to have a writer’s blog so I could showcase my writing work, get better gigs, etcetera shmetcetera.

That was until Upwork decided I was spending more time doing other things instead of competing with all those Middle Eastern freelancers charging $2 for $20 work and unsubscribed me indefinitely.

And who could blame them?

I hadn’t landed a gig in about a year, I was learning how to use WordPress to build a website while working full time as a house officer.

After that, I tried to write writing tips for writers but somehow I knew that wasn’t the end-all-be-all for me.

I’ve always had this habit of forcing offering my advice about online business down the throats of to anyone who seemed remotely interested in setting up an online business.

Then one day, I decided to write an eBook about how to set up an online business in Nigeria in one weekend.

And then, the obvious hit me. Why not make the 500 Naira Writer about helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses?

And thus, the new 500 Naira Writer was born.

Any questions?


Ah yes… You’re concerned about my certifications and what makes me think I can help you…

Here are a few of them, and being the overachiever I am, best believe, more are coming soon.

Google Digital Garage Online Marketing Fundamentals Certification

eMarketing Institute Online Marketing Fundamentals Certification




But I take it that’s not enough about me. So let’s throw in…

22 Fun/Weird/Crazy Facts About ME

#1. I know I’m 5 ft 5 inches, but most of the time in my head, I’m 7 ft tall. Weird, right? Go Figure.

#2. I have a bit of ADHD when I’m studying. I keep drifting from task to task to task to video to task. Most people say multitasking is bad. I think it works for me because…

#3. I get bored fast. If I repeat the same thing two days in a row, I start feeling depressed.

#4. I have “quarter-past-4” eyes (strabismus) that come up every once in a while and mess up my pictures.

#5. You’d think because of No.4 , I’d be camera shy, but I’m not. I can practically say and do the dumbest or weirdest things regardless of who’s watching/ whether I’m being recorded.

#6. Because of No.5, I don’t plan on ever running for President or for any political positions. Way too many videos of me doing silly shit out there.

#7. I have a Ph.D in procrastination. If something really isn’t an emergency, I have every tendency to push it off till later.

#8. I tend to use the “F-word” and say “shit” a lot more than the average Nigerian. Don’t blame me. Blame it on my inner European.

#9. I don’t like when things are over-complicated for no reason. I’m always trying to find the simpler way.

#10. In spite of No.2, when I find something I’m interested in, I have a tendency to go overboard and devour the subject till I almost become a walking thesaurus for that subject.

#11. My favourite colour used to be blue, then purple, now it’s whatever-I-look-good-in .

#12. Most of my uni years, I used to have dreadhead season once a year.

#13. I don’t know how to swim. I go in the water at places where my feet can reach the floor of the pool and just walk while moving my hands forming #frogmode.

#14. I type faster than I can write by hand. Blame it on Yahoo and that chat with Lycos back in the day.

#15. I was the best graduating student of my year in high school.

#16. My first name is actually Oluwatomi, but most people always remix it, so I go by Tomi.

#17. I love to party hard. You know when you go to a party, and see a guy who is either dancing his ass off solo or with a couple of ladies. Yeah, him. I’m usually that guy.

#18. I rapped on a friend’s music track back in Uni. I dropped some killer lines on that and sometimes I still dream of sharing the stage with some of the G.O.A.T. and killing it.

#19. I danced hip hop in a bunch of dance crews back in Uni.

#20. One of those dance crews made it to the second stage of “Украіна мае талант” (“Ukraine’s got Talent”) but didn’t go further.

#21. Patience is not really one of my strong suits but I’m working on it.

#22. I tend to function by the “If it’s not making me happy, making me better or making me money, I don’t have time for it” principle.

I am Tomi Joshua and I am an online business addict. I dey house, Comman beat me 😛 .

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