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abtech site review


It’s been a while… yeah?

I apologize.

In the words of Mr. Carter, I’ve been hustling. So I’ve been a bit busy but I’m back now. In a new, keep-it-simple-straightforward style.

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And Abtech, I don come your domot.

Without any of my usual senrenre, let’s begin.


The Abtech Site Review

First things first, your site confused me a bit (and you’ll see why soon). I couldn’t tell at one glance what your site was about.

And that is bad. Very bad.

I. Design and Layout

While your design is simple and clear, it didn’t really give me that “tech” vibe that’s usually associated with sites in the tech niche, so you had me feeling a little lost.

The grey and black isn’t bad. But it could be better. I think you need to look into that and improve on it.

Now, the issues:

(i) Site Title

The only place we see your Site Title is in the tab in our browser.

Not good.

You need to put it in the header section. That way, we’re sure we are at the right place when we come to your site.


(ii) Site Tagline

This was also missing in action.

The tagline is your opportunity to tell your visitors that you have what they came for.

People come to your site for a reason. Don’t leave them confused and wondering if you have what they’re looking for.

Tell them… in your tagline, which you should also have in your header section.

(iii) Your primary navigation menu

abtech site review

You have some of the right elements of a primary navigation menu here.

However, I noticed that your “Home” element led me to this page:

abtech site review

Which, in case, you’re wondering, is not good.

The Home element should link us to your Home page. No stories, fix that.

The other elements of the primary navigation menu don’t link to appropriately named pages (apart from the Blog).

And what is that “Page” element there?

You need to remove that. It’s not performing any function there.

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I also didn’t understand what the “Portfolio” and “Tutor” elements were doing there. You need to make it clear what those elements do by linking them to appropriately named pages.

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Also it won’t be a bad idea to add a few Categories in this menu.


(iv) The Banner Ad

The words here – “The Simplest Theme of Year with Highest User Experience” with a Purchase button.

abtech site review

I think right now it’s a bit inappropriate, seeing as we have no idea what your site is about due to (i), (ii) and (iii).

Also, you need to correct the tagline in the banner. The tagline there right now has major grammatical errors, but I’m not going to quibble about that.

Change it to something like “Get Great User Experience with the Simplest Theme of the Year 2017”. 

It’d also help if there was a name for the Theme too.


(v) Your Right Side Bar

The arrangement here is not all bad. There are still a few errors here though.

#1. Your Subscribe Widget

abtech site review

We see the “Please subscribe to our Newsletter” text and then there’s no field for our emails. How are we supposed to subscribe then?

Take out the “Posts” and “Comments” thingy you have there and replace that with a field for email addresses.



#2. I’m guessing your Labels widget is actually your blog categories.

If that’s the case, you need to move it up and place it after the Popular posts widget. Also, delete one of the “Tips & Others” categories.

It’s good you have a Search bar here. Thumbs up on that. And the Popular posts widget that shows featured images in thumbnail form is a nice touch. I love that.

I also see a Facebook profile badge here, which I think is supposed to link to a page for your Abtech blog instead of Way 2 Themes. That’s a bit confusing.

Better to create a Facebook page for Abtech blog instead.


(vi) Your Main Content Section

I’m not a big fan of this “big post covering the whole screen” layout that you have going on here.

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I think you’d do a better job of showing your content by making those posts show as snippets and having about 2 or 3 posts per line.

That way, if we don’t like the first 3 posts, we can simply see 3 other posts instead of having to scroll down till we almost get to the bottom of your page before we see the rest of your posts.


(vii) Your Footer Section

I don’t really understand what’s going on here.

abtech site review

It’s like there’s just a bunch of social links and that’s it.

When we get to the bottom of the page, there should be some form of guide to show us where we can go from there, without us having to scroll back to the top of your page.

You can do that by having a secondary menu here. One that maybe shows us “Recent posts”, “Categories” , etc.


II. Content

Okay, to be honest, I can’t really tell who your target audience is.

This started from the tagline that went M.I.A. but let’s leave that one for now.

Your site seems to be about tech, judging from the number of phone reviews you have on your home page, but then we see a few posts about making cool cash by blogging, and Building backlinks with SEO.

You need to pick a niche and stick with it. Right now, your blog seems a bit all over the place.

Are you writing about tech or are you writing about online marketing, SEO and blogging?

You need to make it clear what niche you are in.

Also your headlines need a bit of work. Most of them don’t really communicate the benefit to the reader and lack an emotional hook. No emotional hook = less readership.

Work on that.


III. Promotion

I saw the social media links in your footer section.

I’m only going to say this once- NEVER use social media icons to link back to your home page.

If you don’t have an account on a social media platform, don’t put the icon on your home page. I clicked through all of them and they either led me to the home page of the social media platform or back to your home page.

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This is not good. Fix it ASAP.

Also, a better place to put social media links would be in your right side bar, not your footer section.

I honestly don’t think your site is ready for outright promotion so I would hold off on that for now if I were you.


IV. The Way Forward

I would recommend you follow these steps:

#1. Fix the layout issues mentioned above. If you need help with figuring out your home page, read this post.

#2. Improve your content (figure out your niche, then your target audience, do SEO, craft magnetic headlines and content that meets the needs of your target audience).

#3. Pick 2 social media platforms and start promoting your content there.

#4. Look at your ads and make sure your target audience are actually interested in the products you advertise.


There you go. A Straight to the point, no BS review. Fix these issues and follow those steps and you’ll start getting somewhere.

Also if there’s anything you need me to help you with, hit me up on Whatsapp (08147018718) or contact me here.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Hustling!

Tomi Joshua



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  • I am so Happy for this review,I learnt a lot and I know my weak point , the current theme you saw was added yesterday I have been editing it since then I have not add the edited one yet….I really like this review

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