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Okay, yes I haven’t done any reviews in the past week.

I dey house, comman beat me.

It’s not exactly all my fault… Nairaland kinda banned me everytime I tried to post this… okay, maybe it is my fault (even if I still don’t know why)… either way, I sorta got tired of Nairaland and all their rules so I’m done with them.

So once again, this crazy user staggered over to another site, in a bottle of Star drunken rage.

Without further “senrenre”, let’s begin:

Coursera business 728x90

I. Design and Layout

While I’m not a big fan of the green red and blue background, you’re making it work. And with the Blogger platform, I give you props.

Let’s go into details:

(i) Your site title

It lets us know immediately that we have arrived at your site. It’s centralized, big, bold and beautiful. I love it.. I love it.

(ii) Your tagline

It says ” Business Consultancy, Research & Publishing (Our contacts: +2348067876251,”

That feels like a bit of a deviation from your site title that says “Tectono Business Review” .. I was expecting to see something more along the lines of ” Articles about Business and the happenings in the business world.”

Okay, I admit, that’s still a bit rough but you get the general idea. Your tagline should support your site title, not deviate away from it.

If you want to offer consultancy services, you could have that under a Services page and then it’d make more sense having that in your tagline.

And you really didn’t have to put your phone number and email address in your tagline.

When we arrive at your site, we’re still trying to figure out if you have what we want on your site. Don’t chase us away by trying to get us to call or contact you immediately.

(iii) Your primary navigation menu

I love how your primary nav menu answers “Present”. It’s here which is always a good thing. But you should change a few things

You should classify your posts into categories, and those categories should be a part of your primary navigation menu, instead of having Email database of Top CEOs or export and import mgt manuals.. Those shouldn’t be there.

Also I don’t see any About Us or Contact Pages. You don’t want us to contact you or know about you or your site?

If you do, then make sure to create those pages and add them to your primary navigation menu. And I also don’t see a “Search” icon or bar.

Get one ASAP.

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Nuff said.

(iv) What is happening with your side bars???

I looked at both your side bars and I gotta say this.

How far na? You wan kill us with too much info?

I look at both side bars and the first thing I see (on both sidebars) is Your account details. Na wa o. You haven’t given us value yet and you already want to start getting paid.

Very very wrong move.

Remove that.

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Okay, taking a closer look at both side bars and I just realized you duplicated the content on the right side bar in the left side bar. It’s like you’re trying to make sure users click one of those ads by force and you don’t really care that it is annoying.

Whish way na?

You need to do away with all that clutter or reorganize it. I’ve talked about how to organize the right side bar in a couple of my previous reviews but let’s recap:

– Search bar
– Popular/ Recent Posts
– Categories
– Social media accounts
– Subscribe box
– Archives

You can go with that, then add a few ads in between. Also, just a tip for ad placement that won’t piss us off too much. Put it in your main content section, in between posts.

Then your left side bar, remove all of that going on there. For real.

You can put social media share links there.

An important thing to remember is that everything should serve a purpose. Because you have free space on your home page doesn’t mean you should fill it up with just anything. Everything should serve a purpose.

And the user is King. Thou shalt not piss him or her off.

(v) Your Main Content section

While the centralized display is cool, I feel there are way too many posts being displayed. Set it to display just 5 posts on your home page. Anything more than that is like asking us not to read it.

(vi) Your Footer is blank.

It has no Copyrights, no Social Media links, no Secondary menu, no subscribe box; just a shout out to Blogger.

You are underutilising your footer right now. But then again, given that your main content section is too long, I doubt anybody would see it.

Add these things I mentioned above, and your footer would be gold.

II. Content

While I may not be your ideal or target audience, I still think your content needs small spark.

Right now, it leads just like any of the “me-too” business blogs on the web. Here are the issues:

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(i) Your headlines

Headlines are supposed to make the user want to read the content of the post.

I may not be your target audience, but from the way your headlines are right now, I doubt that your target audience would want to read.

This is because the benefit to the reader (BFR) is not clearly communicated.

Find a way to make your headlines attract the user.

Go through your headlines and change them to clearly state the benefit to the reader.

(ii) Body Content

I don’t know if you’re trying to bore me or maybe I’m just not your audience.

Either way, most of your content reads like a financial newspaper. It’s almost like you copied and pasted. I might be wrong though.

Please, please, don’t bore your user, regardless of what niche you’re in.

Some of your paragraphs are too heavy, and scared me away… and I was actually trying to read your content. If it was someone who was just randomly going through your site, they’re more likely to just be scanning through and therefore more likely to bounce when they see those heavy blocks of paragraphs.

Break it down. Shorten your sentences. Keep it simple stupid.

III. Promotion

You need to get social media share links. I currently didn’t see any obvious ones, just some at the ends of your posts.

Not good.

You need to make those icons bigger, and you need to also have those links in your right side bar. I see you already have “follow me on twitter” boxes, but I didn’t see the Twitter icon.

For some one just scanning through your site, you need to make it obvious, and make it easier for them to see and use them.


Then you also need to invest some effort into better SEO. I think if you do both well, you’re likely to do well.

IV. Monetization

I see you’re selling ebooks. That’s good but your conversion funnel right now is a serious long thing.

If you want your users/customers to take a certain action, you need to make it easier for them to do so. The whole pay money directly into a bank account or do transfer just from seeing a book on your site is not the way to go.

You need to earn the trust of your audience by creating content, then get their emails, and nurture the relationship with email marketing before you then expect them to buy from you.

Plus you need to set up an online portal system, so they can simply order from you online rather than having to either go to the bank or do a transfer and then call you to tell you they have done a transfer. That’s an old model and it won’t work that way right now.

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If you need help increasing your conversion rate and creating a better funnel, contact me at

Any way, now other issues:

– You might want to offer newsletters that provide us with the hottest business ideas or at least some information that makes us salivate and click on the subscribe button. That’s one of the easiest ways to get emails.

Also, you’ll have to create the newsletters, but that’s another story that would take up too much time to discuss it here.

But you need to have an email newsletter you send out to prospects. It’s one of the most tried and true methods of marketing.

– Also don’t be afraid to create a pop up to do this

Yes, pop ups are annoying, but they get the job done, which is why they still exist.

– Make your niche and what you offer more obvious.

This will help you craft better content tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Okay, that’s it. I’m done.

** drops laptop, pen and the garri he was drinking***

I think those should be enough for you for now, and if you would like me to help with this, you can hire me.. just follow my signature. Of course, it won’t be free, but it’s cheap enough.

P.S. If you’re reading this, and you’d like me to review your site, don’t post it here. Post it here –

Now, let me go and finish that garri.

Happy Hustling!

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