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adsense guide

The Adsense Guide You Probably Shouldn’t Read- Pt. 1

I know. Before you start giving me that shit-eating grin, let me just make one thing clear. I still think AdSense is not everything and there are other ways to better monetize your website. That being said, I’m not going…..

increase traffic to your blog quickly
Blog, Blogging July 23, 2017

10 Simple Steps To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Quickly!

Ahhh… traffic. The universal buzzword for eyeballs from visitors on your site. It has become the lifeblood¬†of blogging as well as one of its most celebrated terms. You can’t blame bloggers. After all, a large number of the most wealthy…..

promoting your content

The Sharp Guy Guide: Promoting Your Content Effectively

Let’s face it. All the awesome content in the whole world is bullshit if nobody knows it exists. True talk. It’s like a pastor preaching to a church with no one in it. Or an iPod playing great music with…..

blogging mistakes
Blog, Blogging July 17, 2017

Are You Making These 10 Blogging Mistakes?

These days every Tom, Dick, Harry or Ekaette has a blog (or wants to start one).¬† Think I’m lying? Well, if you’re reading this, I can confidently say one thing about you – You either have a blog or you…..

keyword research

The Sharp Guy Guide to Painless Keyword Research

If you know anything about SEO, you know that the keyword is where it all begins. Without keywords, there can be no SEO. I mentioned it briefly in the Sharp Guy Guide to SEO, but I don’t think I emphasized…..

finding a niche for your blog
Blog, Blogging June 22, 2017

Stop Copying Linda Ikeji: 3 Steps To Finding A Niche For Your Blog

So I was talking with a friend about blogging a few days back. She wanted to set up a blog, and monetize it but sounded a bit unsure about what she wanted to blog about. And then it almost seemed…..

when you think your content sucks
Blog, Blogging June 21, 2017

What to Do When You Think Your Writing Sucks.

Every blogger has been through this at some point in time. You spend hours cranking away on your keyboard trying to create the right blend of informative yet entertaining content. You sweat and strain trying to create the perfect blog…..