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Blog, Online Business Hustle August 27, 2017

What Nigerian Churches Can Teach You About Business

You might not want to read this. And I won’t blame you. There’s been a lot of senrenre around Nigerian churches on social media that you’re probably sick of it. I know I am. But I’m the type of guy…..

Online Business Hustle August 27, 2017

Why You Need To Get High … On Your Hustle

I know. The headline is a bit too much. Or is it? I can never really tell but then again, my own na to write. Let the critics decide. Now, let me paint you a picture: This might be one…..

A Night At The Bank, Everybody Judges A Book By Its Cover And What That Means For Your Business

We all know that tired old line. It should be obvious from the headline, but for the sake of those that don’t know, this is the line: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You’ve heard it countless times. Your…..

when the customer is not right
Blog, Online Business Hustle August 18, 2017

The Cashier At Shoprite, And What To Do When The Customer Is Not Right

Don’t deny it. You’ve heard this common expression: “The customer is always right.” It’s even become a cliche, and you know how it goes when something becomes a cliche – few people dare to question it. I am one of…..

rejected by adsense

So I Got Rejected by Adsense… What the Hell Am I Going To Do Now?

Yes. You read that headline right. I wrote about applying for Adsense earlier, and I was hoping I’d be able to write a post about using it shortly after, pending my acceptance into Adsense. I thought my site was up…..

stop working for free
Blog, Online Business Hustle August 15, 2017

Why You Should Stop Working For Free

A few days ago, someone reached out to hire me. He runs an entertainment type blog and wanted me to write for him. When I asked him if he had seen my freelance writing rates, he said he had but…..

what hip hop dancing taught me about online business
Blog, Online Business Hustle August 15, 2017

What Hip Hop Dancing Taught Me About Online Business

I could hear them.  The cheers of that large crowd echoed across the auditorium. We were going to perform a routine we had done before, wearing pretty much the same costumes we had worn when we first performed it. In…..