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Blog, Personal Stories September 13, 2017

Why You Should Dare To Feast With Lions

Real quick, picture this: You get home from work, tired as hell, so you just hit the bed and pass out. Then you wake up, and find yourself in a pride of Lions somewhere in Southern Africa. Yes… some “Daniel…..

nigeria out of recession
Blog, Personal Stories September 5, 2017

Nigeria Out Of Recession: Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Just Yet

Have you heard the good news? Yes, just like the headline says:   Nigeria is officially out of recession! [Yipee! *Does the skelewu*]   I was at work, when it came up on the News. The reporter said something along…..

Blog, Personal Stories September 4, 2017

Why I’m Officially Giving Up On Perfection (And Why You Should Too)

Before you go on, read this: This post is mainly about me so if you don’t want to read anything about me, you should stop reading now and go back to any of my other wonderfully titled blog posts.  …..

dumb enough to succeed
Blog, Personal Stories June 27, 2017

Are You Dumb Enough To Succeed?

Dear Smart Person, Sometimes you might just be too smart to succeed. Let me explain. I’m not trying to toot my horn or anything, but I’ve always been considered ‘smart’. School came easy to me. Yes, I studied hard but…..

Super Simple Secret of The Wildly Successful I Stole From An Own Your Life Campaign Seminar

Don’t get fooled by the title. Yes, I’m successful, but not in the least bit “wildly”. Well, not yet anyway. But it doesn’t take a successful (or smart or insert positive affirming adjective here) person to figure out that there’s a…..

Blog, Personal Stories March 30, 2017

The Ultimate Question: To Be or Not to Be Creative

“You’re a joker” My boss said that and walked off. In his defense, the whole situation was my fault and I shouldn’t have been trying to find a way around it. But here I was, thinking I was at the…..

Blog, Personal Stories January 29, 2017

Paediatrics Is Trying to Kill Me and How I’m Going to Fight Back

They warned me. They said it’d be tough. I thought they were just exaggerating. They repeatedly said, “When you get to paediatrics posting, you’ll finally understand.” I thought it was just horse shit. Then I found myself in the Paediatrics…..