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promoting your content

The Sharp Guy Guide: Promoting Your Content Effectively

Let’s face it. All the awesome content in the whole world is bullshit if nobody knows it exists. True talk. It’s like a pastor preaching to a church with no one in it. Or an iPod playing great music with…..

keyword research

The Sharp Guy Guide to Painless Keyword Research

If you know anything about SEO, you know that the keyword is where it all begins. Without keywords, there can be no SEO. I mentioned it briefly in the Sharp Guy Guide to SEO, but I don’t think I emphasized…..

blogging for dummies

The Sharp Guy Ultimate Guide To Blogging For Dummies

In my Rihanna Voice: ” Blog… Blog … Blog.. Blog.. Blog… she tell me how fi blog blog blog blog.” Shh. You know you like my remix. 😀 Yes, yes, y’all… It’s another sharp guy Guide!!! And yes, you read…..

The Sharp Guy’s Simple SEO Guide

Yes, it’s another SEO guide. I know you’re thinking “Do we really need another SEO guide?” Yes, we do. But this one is only for the sharp guys. The ones who don’t have time to read the whole internet just…..

Blog, The Sharp Guy Guides June 5, 2017

The Sharp Guy Guide to Creating A Home Page

Ah… creating the home page. Where it all begins. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d already know I’ve been doing site reviews for a while now. If you haven’t, well, I’ve done more than a couple site…..

picking a web hosting plan

The Sharp Guy’s Guide to Picking A Web Hosting Plan

Yes. In my Dj Khaled voice: “It’s another one” This right here is your guide to picking a web hosting plan. And as you should know, web hosting is one of the essentials in online business. Almost right up there…..

cover photo of me for the sharp guy guide series

The Sharp Guy Guide to Picking A Domain Name

Let’s not “form” ignorant.  Don’t gimme that look. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve used one or more every single time you used the internet. If you’ve been around this interwebs a bit, you know what a domain name…..