What’s Hot About this Hot Job Post Site Review

hot job post site review

“Mo gbono feli feli… Don’t know about you but I’m handsome, and some, and M.I.’s advancing.”M.I.

That was ringing in my head when I saw your site title.

Maybe I should have made the headline “Mo gbono feli feli on this Hot Job Post Site Review.” Well, too late for that now.

I love the idea behind your site, although it looks like Jobberman is King in your niche, but you didn’t come here for that.

Coursera business 728x90

Thou asked me for a review, a review thou shalt get.

And thus, without further senrenre, I shalt begin:

The Hot Job Post Site Review

I don’t know why, but I feel you should have gone with “Hot Jobs” or “Hot Job Naija”. I understand though, maybe those domain names were taken.

It would have been a good one though.

Let’s get technical:

I. Design And Layout:

Y’all know how much I love Whitespace on a web page.

Your site design is great. I’m not even going to try and touch that.

I didn’t find so many issues, but let’s talk about them.


(i) Your Site Title + Logo

I already mentioned that it would be better if it was titled “Hot Jobs” or “Hot Jobs Naija”.

Fine, the URL says hot job post but you can change your Site Title from “Latest Nigerian Jobs” to “Latest Hot Jobs in Naija”.

Well, that’s what I think. It’s not a big deal though.

Now, let’s talk about your logo. This right here. hot job post site review

You don’t have to add the whole “post.com.ng” part to it. It makes it longer and affects your layout (by pushing your primary navigation menu downwards, but we’ll talk about that in a bit).

Get rid of the “post.com.ng” part. It’s serving no purpose there.

(ii) Your Tagline has been kidnapped by Boko Haram


I don’t know where it is, but wherever it is, please #BringBackYourTagline .

Fine, you can argue that your Site Title already makes it clear what your site is about. But fact is, your tagline is where you can quickly differentiate your site and make it obvious what you bring to the table that is different from Jobberman, for example.

And if you don’t know how to create one, check this post here to learn how to create a great tagline.


(iii) Your Primary Navigation Menu

Your menu looks good. You have the Home element, Categories, and that’s great but there are a few elements missing.

One- About Us Page (‘cos we would definitely want to know more about your company)

Two- Contact Us Page (for obvious reasons)

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Three- Search Field

Yes, I know you’d say you have a Big Search Field just down below, but if you think about your user, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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For example, when I saw the menu, I was looking at each item and my eyes were going from one Category to the next.

Now, if I didn’t find a Category I was looking for, there should be a Search Field on that same line to catch my eye and tell me “Hey, you can search for it here.”

See my point?

Four- A FAQ page

You run a service. I think your visitors would have a ton of questions to ask about how it works, and answering these questions every single time is going to get annoying at some point.

Curating all the questions, the answers you have given to them before and then putting that into a FAQ page would take care of that for you. You can then update it every time you answer a new question.


(iv) Banner/Header Image Area/ Section

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t know what to call this area.hot job post site review

Yeah, for real.

Anyway, I like the fact that you kept it simple. Yellow background and a long ass Search Field in the middle.

Obvious. Intuitive. Nice.

I’m a bit mad that this section was pushed down by the “over-extending” logo. I think it would be better if it was a bit higher, but it’s still visible so no wahala.

I feel this would be better if you got a testimonial from one of the people who landed a great job from your page. Get permission to use a great picture of them with the testimonial.

Something like what Upwork does on their home page.

hot job post site review

I think that would add small pizzazz to your site.

(v) What’s with the 2-Ads combo right above the Main Content Section?

The Ads are to the left and basically not in line with what you offer, plus they push the content that we actually came for, downwards.

Oga, bet why?

Maybe I’m just not a big fan of Ad Sense. Okay, I’m not a fan of Ad Sense. Like I say in this post, it’s not the only way to make money through your site.

But you wanna use Ad Sense, Fine. Don’t just use it to obstruct the main content we came for. That pisses your visitors off.

Move these Ads and place them within the main content section. Like for example, after 2 latest jobs, you can put an Ad.

This way, you’re showing us what we want, while at the same time displaying your Ads.

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(vi) Your Latest Jobs Section

The whole one job per line layout…. hmm.. I think you need to show two per line. Here’s why- Your visitor is not reading every piece of content on your home page. He’s scanning it.

By  putting two jobs per line, he can scroll down and quickly scan through.

With your one job per line layout, you’re forcing us to keep reading every line straight through from left to right and after a while, it gets annoying to us so you might want to look into that.

I do love the “Apply Now” button right next to each post though. That’s dope. Keep that.

(vii) Your Footer Section…

…Is not all bad.hot job post site review

I love the Subscribe widget, About Hot Jobs, Site Links ( to your About Us And Contact Us pages) and a Recent Posts Section.

Why do you have another Recent Posts Section here?

It doesn’t make sense. Remove it and replace that with Categories. That would be much better.

Also why do you have that Ad here? A better place for that would be right at the end of the Latest Posts section.

II. Content

(i) Why do you keep writing VACANCY at the beginning of your titles?

If there was no vacancy or open spot for the job, why would you post it?

Remove VACANCY from those headlines. It’s already assumed that if you post a job here, there’s a vacancy.

(ii) Why do you have an Ad right beneath your Post title?

Like this one:hot job post site review

Not good.

You force us to have to scroll past your ad just to see what we came for… Wrong move.

I think you already have enough Ads in your right side bar. You don’t need to disturb our user experience just to put in another one.

(iii) Your Content

Yes, you’re writing for your target audience, and that’s all well and good.

I am going to fault you on your editing though.

There are parts of the content that you need to emphasize, by either making them BOLD or putting them in italics. You’re not doing any of that.

Also, make use of Bullets, like when you talk about Responsibilities, for example;


  • Help customers make informed decision regarding their learning needs, tutoring options and pricing plan.

  • Follow up on all interested customers via phone, email, Skype or any other means of communication to ensure they get the best tutors.

  • Selling, cross-selling and up-selling hundreds of customers across Nigeria on the various services offered by Tuteria.

  • Identify customer needs or complaints and cater to them as they arise.

  • Work with other colleagues to find and place suitable tutors

See what I mean?

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This makes it easy for a visitor to scan through your content to find the info he or she wants.

You should also create content about how to land jobs and what employers are looking for, you know, basically problems that your target audience faces.

III. Promotion

I noticed you don’t have any social media links on your home page. You have a Facebook profile widget on your posts pages but that’s just about it.

You should add that to your home page. That way, it gives you social proof and shows people that other people also think you’re cool. Which also encourages them to follow you on Facebook.

Nice work getting 1000+ likes though.

Anyway, for your niche, you should also get very active on Twitter. Twitter could be a great place to build a following and get the attention of your target audience.

Social media should be your mainstay of promotion.

IV. Monetization and Other Biz

Well, you’re already using Ad Sense and that’s all well and good.

But like I said, Ad Sense isn’t everything. You could come up with a course that teaches applicants how to apply for jobs, go for interviews and land great jobs.

That’s a cash cow right there.


Anyway, that’s my 2 kobos on your site. If you have any questions, or anything you need clarification on, let me know in the comments.

P.S. If you’re reading this, and you have a site you’d like me to review, post it here. The queue is long already, but I’m going to get to your site eventually. Just watch this space.

And I’m done.

Happy Hustling,


Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

A bit brash, at first blush. But ultimately, he means well. There are very few things he won’t say or do in the presence of tolerant company (especially when it could make for a good story later).

Tomi is a Doctor, writer, certified inbound marketer (Shout Out to HubSpot), Digital Hustler, and online business addict.

He is most likely to be found dancing to the beat of his own drum, even in accapella.

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