How Not To Earn Money Online

Let’s face it.

how not to earn money online

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Regardless of our ages, faces, racial or religious backgrounds and physical features, we all want to make money.

Never in the history of mankind has someone done a job and when offered payment, said:

“No, thanks. I don’t want money or any kind of payment. I don’t need money to buy food, clothes and pay for my rent.”

So whether we admit it openly or not, we all want to earn money.

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Yes, even you. Otherwise you won’t be working in that office.

And trust me, if you could get paid while at home in your pajamas, you’d love to.

Well, if you didn’t know, you actually can.

Many people already do, and none of them are luckier, smarter, or “intelligentier” than you.

In other words, you are them and they are you.

The only significant difference is this – they earn money online. You don’t.

So why do they earn money online and you don’t?

Well, you’ve decided not to earn money online.

To the naysayers, critics, and the skeptics, this is how not to earn money online.


How Not to Earn Money Online

We’ve established that everybody would love to earn money online.

Everybody would love to, but most people don’t. Why?

Because they decided, by the actions they took, not to make any money online. And if you’re reading this and would also like to not earn money online, here are ten things you can do:


#1. Don’t Start.

This is the No. 1 way to not make money online.

You can read all the books, follow and read all the blogs. You can argue about online business and win all the arguments.

If you never start an online business or start offering your services online, you will never make any money online.

No be curse. It’s just the hard cold truth.

You can procrastinate all you want, but if you never get down to starting, you’ll never make any money online.

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So if you don’t want to make money online, whatever you do, make sure you don’t start.


#2. Treat your online business like a hobby

If you don’t want to make any money online, treat your online business like a hobby.

For example, blog once in a blue moon when you feel like it. Only work when you’re bored  and use your online hustle as a cure for boredom.

Also just do it for fun and don’t make an effort to provide value.

Remember what they say about computers: “Garbage in, Garbage out.”

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If you don’t want to make any money online, treat your online business as another hobby.


#3. Don’t make a plan for how you’ll earn money

This is common with blogs.

how not to earn money online

Who needs plans when you can do nothing?
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Some bloggers start out just throwing up blog post after blog post out on their site.

Maybe share it once on Facebook so their friends can think they’re cool and so they’ll get likes and feel cool with themselves while never thinking about how they can earn money from their blogs.

Do that with whatever online business you do and for sure, you won’t earn any money from your online business.


#4. Don’t promote your online business

If a lion roared in the jungle, but there was no one and nothing there to hear it, he might as well have been speech-impaired.

If you don’t want to make money from your online business, don’t promote it at all.

If you’re a blogger, don’t promote your content at all.

Nobody needs to know your blog exists. No one needs to read your content, buy your ebooks or buy your products or hire your services.

That’s one way to not make any money from your online business.


#5. Don’t put anything up for sale… ever!

I know. I know.

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I understand. You do this for the love of the game. You don’t want to corrupt your “message” by selling anything or signing up for Adsense or promoting products through having affiliate links on your site.

You want your site/ blog to be pure and sales-free.

You can do that, as long as you don’t want to make any money from your site.

#6. Refuse to adapt to change

The only constant thing in life is change, and with online business, things change faster than usual.

how not to earn money online

Who change don epp?
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You don’t like change. As a matter of fact, you’re tired of having to change.

Even though it’s obvious that what you have been doing is not working, you believe somehow the internet would rearrange to suit you.

You don’t even care if you don’t make any money online because you believe you’re right and one day everybody would see.

Good on you. Keep it up because you’re definitely not going to make any money online.


#7. Be inconsistent

If you’re a vlogger, release a video only when you feel like it.

If you’re a blogger, only write once in a blue moon.

Never try to have a schedule or a commitment to publish a post at least once a week or once in a fortnight.

Good. Hope you like not making money online because that’s what you’re preparing to do.


#8. Be impatient and give up when it gets hard

You want to just start that online business and hammer sharp sharp.

After all, if it’s the right business for you, everything should be easy.

So when it gets hard, it means it’s not the right business for you and you can give up.

Do that and (let me borrow Steve Harris’ neologism) I “guaran-damn-tee” you you will not make any money online.

#9. Be so afraid to make mistakes and take no risks, calculated or otherwise

To you, mistakes are just horrible… dreadful things… the end of the world even.

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You hate making mistakes and you’ve decided that you will never make a mistake with your online business.

You also believe taking any form of risk is a sucker’s bet.

So if somebody has not done something and been successful at it already, nope, you’re not going to even think of trying it.

And all the successful people who subscribe to the “No risk, no reward” philosophy are smoking something really strong.

Wehdone, Sir. Make no mistake, you will make no money online.

That’s what you want na, isn’t it?


#10. Never seek out help, or learn something new

how not to earn money online

For which area? Iffahear
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You are never wrong.

You are all-knowing and even if you aren’t , your current level of knowledge is enough.

You don’t need to follow any top blogs in your niche, or learn code or understand what makes a good online marketing campaign.

You work by your own set of rules and with your level of knowledge, it will work out like you seem to want it to – You will make no money online.



I’m glad I’ve been helpful to your cause. If there are any more ways to not make money online that you know, add it in the comments.

Keeping it 500,

Tomi Joshua

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