Let’s gist about Janded Gist – The Review

This crazy user has landed… where the gist is said to be janded.

It’s your turn, jandedgist.blogspot.com, let’s see what you got going on.

I don’t feel like doing “senrenre” today, so I’m going to keep it straight and to the point.

Let’s begin:

I. Design And Layout

The theme colour is simple, and as usual, I’m loving the white background. Also, making the colour of your site title, your tabs and buttons either green or blue is also great. It makes it easier to see. The whole thing just works.

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Now, to the issues:

(i) Your Site tagline seems to be Missing in Action

Fine. Your site title tells us your site is about janded gist, but that doesn’t really mean much.

It gives the idea that we would only find gist about things happening in “jand” or abroad, but reading through your site, it looks like you blog about basically things happening in the Entertainment industry, politics, etcetera.

I think you should make it a bit more obvious to us by putting a tagline so we know what we’re looking for on your site.


(ii) Your primary navigation menu is way wayyy up in the header.

I actually missed it, till I started scrolling down.

I can’t give you a great reason, but somehow the format most of us users have become accustomed to is seeing your primary navigation menu beneath the site title.

I don’t know. It’s just the way it is.

It’s cool to break convention but here, it’s not really helping much.

Got me feeling a little lost there for a minute.

It’s not a big deal, but you’re better off putting it where your typical crazy user expects to see it, rather than make him search frantically for a bit before finding it.


(iii) You have the right menu elements… but none of them do anything.

Yeah, you have the “Home” element which is great, and what looks like a couple of categories and social media links, but when I clicked on them, they just redirected me back to your Home page.

Not good.

Either create these categories, or remove them.

I see you have a Search bar. Nice move.

Let’s move on.


(iv) Your Right Side bar be like Rude Boy P-square’s short dreadlocks.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s see.


You started off with Social share links. Then a popular posts section with 11 posts smushed into the right side bar, then a Label cloud section that has your tags, then your archive section, then a Google + link, then a section about Reporting abuse, before your Google + profile thingy, then you repeated your Label section two more times, then you repeated your categories section like 3 times (even though you have nothing under each section), then you have a Services section, an Ad banner section and an About me section (even though all three have nothing underneath them).

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That last paragraph was hard to follow, right?

That was deliberate. That’s exactly how your right side bar looks to me right now.

First of all, what is with all the repetitions? And those sections that have nothing underneath them should be taken off your site, they’re really not serving any purpose so scrap them.

Here’s a tip – Just because you have free space doesn’t mean you should fill it up with anything just to take up space.

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I always recommend you organize your right side bar like this:

  • Search bar
  • Popular/ Recent posts (not more than 5)
  • Categories
  • Social Media share links
  • Subscribe Box (which I didn’t see in your right side bar, or anywhere on your site)
  • Archives

The other sections you have are not helping in any way. They’re just making us ask ourselves questions. Which is not good.

When your user comes to your site, he shouldn’t have to think to use your site.

Write that down. If you make us think too much, we end up with headache and eventually decide to bounce.

So take heed to the arrangement I specified. Do it like that.


Because we don’t just go to your right side bar for no reason.


By following that arrangement, you help us narrow down on what we’re looking for.

(v) Your main content section is great… but you can still improve it.

I mean you’ve got the headlines. You’ve got the stories.

Where I have small beef is your image size. The first image you had there took over all the space in your area above the fold. I think you could display the images to the side, rather than above, so that way, we can see the topic and the image at the same time.

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That way, we don’t have to keep scrolling down just to see your post titles.


(vi) Your Footer is from Jupiter…

Your footer is trying to do too much.

You repeat the popular posts section twice there, you have labels, and pages…. Oga, bet why?

Remove the labels and pages and the two popular posts sections

Oh, and I now finally see your subscribe box… hmm, na wa

Here’s what I’d suggest.

You can keep the “About Us” section, your Subscribe box and I think in the middle you can add a section with your Categories, and then maybe social media links somewhere close to the Subscribe box.

That’s it. No too much senrenre, please.


II. Content

(i) I looked through your headlines. You have some interesting headlines.

I mean, they’re not all perfect, but I clicked on a few. And I’m not even your target audience, so you’re definitely doing something right.

(ii) Your body content.

I looked through 3 of your popular posts… Two of them looked like you basically copied and pasted. The last one seemed okay, but a bit different from how you write.

Oh, and what is it with you and muddling your paragraphs together into one unreadable huge mass?

You need to break up those paragraphs, fam. Cos the plain fact is that we aint reading that.

I basically just skipped right through and didn’t read one word.

Big blocks of paragraphs scare users. Try to have just a max of 3 sentences per paragraph.

And feel free to have one word paragraphs. They’re awesome.

Also, you need to find your own voice. Otherwise you just become one of the crowd of bloggers that already exist in your niche.

I mean, why should we keep reading your content when you sound just like everyone else?

You need to find your own voice so that no matter where you write, when we read your content, we be like “That right there is janded gist, bruhhhh”

You grab?


(iii) Your Author’s Bio right beneath your post.

Write something about you here. I think it’s obvious why.


III. Promotion

Obviously, social media is your best bet for promoting content. But here’s the thing – your writing is not unique right now. Why should anyone share your content, when it’s the same as everywhere else?

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See my point?

I think you’ve done a great job so far, creating content that would interest your audience, but you have to transition beyond the Linda Ikeji style of blogging and find a style that is uniquely yours.

And the way to find that is to keep writing. Slowly, but surely, you’ll begin to develop your own neologisms and ways of writing that will set you apart from everybody else?

IV. I have only one question- Is this a business or for pleasure?

I don’t see any ads or any product or services or any major Call to action.

You need to really think about your monetization strategy if you want to make money from this, and it’s better to start that from Day one, rather than later trying to figure out how you want to make money from your site.

Also you need to make your Subscribe Box more obvious because the one you currently have in your footer is like Manchester after the bombing. Wetin wan carry us go there?

See what I mean?

I think you should create a pop-up that asks us to subscribe to your newsletter. Pop-ups are annoying but they work… Believe that.


Anyway, those are my 2 kobos on your site.

Overall, not a bad effort, but you can be better. And you should do better.

If you need any assistance implementing these changes and you’d rather hire me to do this, click here.

In the meantime, I’m done and oh, before I go, if you’re reading this, and you’d like me to review your website, please post it here.

For now, Sayonara.

Happy Hustling!

Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

A bit brash, at first blush. But ultimately, he means well. There are very few things he won’t say or do in the presence of tolerant company (especially when it could make for a good story later).

Tomi is a Doctor, writer, certified inbound marketer (Shout Out to HubSpot), Digital Hustler, and online business addict.

He is most likely to be found dancing to the beat of his own drum, even in accapella.

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