Nnanyi Dave, I Greet You With Ogbu Dave Blog Site Review

ogbu dave blog site reviewFirst things first.

I don’t know if I spelled “Nnanyi” correctly.

Don’t mind me. I’m just having fun.

The way you titled your site, I’m have a feeling you might be running a Linda Ikeji type site.

**Opens site in another window**

Coursera business 728x90

Would you look at that? I was right.

**Tries to hide disdain**

A review you have asked for. A review you shall get.


The Ogbu Dave Blog Site Review

When you blog in the entertainment, news and celebrity niche, you definitely have a lot of competition.

Because almost everybody blogs in that niche.

And so it’s a war out there. To win, you have to have some edge.

Do you have edge? Let’s find out:


I.  Design And Layout

Your design is bland.

Literally nothing to write home… or anywhere about.

You need to do major work here. For real.

Let’s talk about your layout:


(i) Site Title

Like I said in my last review, “Welcome to” must die.

We are at your site already. There’s no need to put “Welcome to” in your site title.

That’s like ShopRite putting “Welcome to ShopRite” at the top. It’s pointless.


(ii) Tagline

Why is your tagline in all caps?


Capitalize just the first letters of each word. Also you might want to be a bit more specific.

“Celebrities Sports Politics Lifestyle” is too general.

Do you mean local celebrities? Celebrities all over the world? What kind of politics or lifestyle?

See my point?

Get specific about the target audience you want to attract, and then craft a short one-sentence tagline that tells them what they benefit from spending time on your site.

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(iii) Your primary navigation menu…

… is jonzing.

ogbu dave blog site review

There are only 2 elements here: “Home” and “Policy Privacy” (I think you meant to write Privacy Policy).

And that (I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it) “Pages” thingy right above is unnecessary. Take it out along with that Subscribe button above it.

Categorize your posts and then add those Categories to your primary navigation menu. Add in an About Page, a Contact Page and a Search Field and you’ll be good.


(iv) Your Right Side Bar

It’s empty here.

All I see is a Google + link to your profile, Archives, Labels, Report Abuse, and Support.

Switch it around a bit. Like so:

  • Search Field
  • Popular Posts
  • Categories (I think that’s what you’re trying to do with the Labels section)
  • Subscribe Widget
  • Social media profile badge
  • Archives

That would be much better.


(v) Main Content Section

The arrangement here is good and it works. Leave as is.


(vi) Footer

Right now, all it says is “Powered by Blogger”.

You can look through this post to see how to make your footer look better and do more than just occupy space.


II. Content

You’re doing a good job here.

Your posts actually look like you wrote them yourself instead of the good old “copypasteology” all over the interwebs.

I would recommend you hone in on your unique writing voice i.e. your own point of view.

The blog is called Ogbu Dave’s Blog. Tell us what Ogbu Dave has to say.

I’ll also recommend being a bit polarizing i.e. have strong stands on certain issues, get your tribe to love you and piss everybody else off.

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Love you or hate you, they will read you.

You also need to post often. Your niche is highly competitive and the little fish with fewer posts get eaten alive.

At the very least, you should have 10 posts a day.


III. Promotion

I would recommend holding off on Promotion till you have your site fully set up (right now, it doesn’t look that way).

By the way, that tiny “Share” icon that leads to a drop down of various social networks won’t cut it.

ogbu dave blog site review

This icon.

Get actual share icons of the different social networks. That way, they’re difficult to miss.


IV. The way forward

The way I see it, you have 2 major issues to sort out.

  1. The design and layout issues.
  2. Finding your target audience and your unique voice.

Once you have these sorted out, then you can start promoting actively on social media. I would recommend focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Start with Twitter, build some traction then move to adding another social platform and go on from there.


That’s my 2 kobos. Any questions, hit me up with a comment.

Happy Hustling!

Tomi Joshua

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