Once upon a Time, A Crazy User Did A Precious Spring Site Review

precious spring site reviewStory, Story.


Once upon a time. Time. Time.

The End.


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I’m in a good mood, Free me na.

Anyway, so this crazy user once again strolled round his Nairaland post looking for another site to devour, then he found Precious Spring and decided he would take a bite.

… Okay, maybe more than a bite.

Y’all know how this crazy user be doing… He dey chop site finish, lick plate and ask for more.

Prepare yourself, Precious Spring, for the products of my digestion.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin then…

The Precious Spring Site Review

Ah, yes of course, with a name like Precious Spring, it had to have this sweet, soft vibe.

No, I’m not falling in love with the site. I’m just saying that was the first impression I got when I came to the site.

But sweet + soft does not = $$$

Let’s get technical:

I. Design And Layout

While I’m not really a fan of pink, or of flowers, the pink flowery background is unique.

I haven’t seen any site with that same background (if anybody has, please put the link in the comments). It works for you though ‘cos you still have the white background where necessary.

I give you props on that.

(i) Your Site Title

I think I already wrote about this before in a previous review, but let me re-emphasize it.

“Welcome to” must die.

We’re already at your site. Telling us “Welcome To” is about as pointless as Shoprite putting a big ” Welcome to ShopRite” right above their store.

All you need to do is put “Precious Springs” there. That’s it. No need  to tell us “Welcome” or tell us that it’s a blog.

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(ii) Your tagline makes it clear what your site is about.

I’m not even going to try and hate on that. Nice one.

(iii) Your Primary Navigation Menu

It’s great that you have one, but you didn’t put in all your Categories here, and there’s also no place for your visitor to Search.

Add those items to your Primary Navigation Menu and it’ll be solid.

(iv) Your Right Side bar is jonzing… small.

This is what your current arrangement looks like:

  • Recent posts widget (With 10 posts)
  • Trending posts widget (with 5 posts)
  • Facebook page link
  • Google + Badge
  • Google Translate drop down menu
  • Live Traffic feed
  • Search widget
  • Advert enquiries widget
  • Archives

Okay, first off, I think you need to rearrange it a bit.

Have a “Subscribe” widget in the first position. Then Recent posts, which you should reduce to show just 5, then Trending posts, then your Search widget, and then your Facebook page and Google + Badge.

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Get rid of the Google Translate and Live traffic feed. E no dey epp anybody.

Then you can have your advert enquiries widget and Archives widget.

That would be way much better.


(v) Your Main Content Section

The current layout you have here needs to be changed. It displays the whole post, instead of snippets of the posts.

The way it is now, if a visitor doesn’t like the first 3 posts, they’re going to bounce.

A better way would be to show bits of each post at a glance and increase the chances that they’ll see more of your content.

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Go for about 2 posts per line instead of just one.


(vi) Your Footer is bare.

There’s only a Disclaimer down there. And I think a link that directs to  posts or something like that.

You need to have a Secondary navigation menu. Especially since your primary navigation menu isn’t sticky.

To find out more about that, check this post.


Moving on to…

II. Content.

I can’t beef you on Content. I will however say the whole “Writing like Linda Ikeji” blogging model is already played out.

There are a ton of people already doing it. Why not find your own unique voice and style? And then let that be your differentiating factor.

Also you could narrow down your audience a bit more to help you stand out more.

Some of your images like the one about the Nigerian Ph.D student who died, are a bit out of shape, like too stretched out and all.

You need to edit them appropriately so they display well.

By the way, your last post was in April. Not good, since you want to build an audience. Your best bet is to post up to at least 5 times a day.


III. Promotion

Obviously, with a site like yours, social media is your best bet for promotion.

You could do SEO, but by the nature of your niche, social media is your best bet to spread it. Using Facebook Ads to target your audience better would also help you promote your site well.

You can figure this out easily so I’m not going to talk too much on this.

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I find it curious though that your social media share links are barely visible. Make them bigger and more obvious so us visitors can see it.


IV. Monetization and Other Biz

I get it that you’re trying to use ads to generate $$$ , but from what I see, your audience has probably dropped off since April.

You need to get back up on this hustle and post more every day. And you’ll start getting more traffic which you could then leverage your ads on.


I think that’s enough for this review. If there’s anything else you’d wanna know, let me know in the comment section.

P.S. If you’re reading this, and you’d like me to review your site, post it here.

And I’m out.

Happy Hustling!

Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

A bit brash, at first blush. But ultimately, he means well. There are very few things he won’t say or do in the presence of tolerant company (especially when it could make for a good story later).

Tomi is a Doctor, writer, certified inbound marketer (Shout Out to HubSpot), Digital Hustler, and online business addict.

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