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sanahgist site review

Sanah ehh.. Sanah… ehh

I wanna take you away…



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That’s not how they sing the song?

Free me now… it’s another site review.

And seeing as it looks like it’s an entertainment / news type of blog, I think I’m just gonna have some fun with this one.

Don’t worry. I’ll still point out where wahala dey and how you can fix that.

Let’s begin…


The Sanahgist Site Review

I’m not really a fan of the niche you have chosen, or even a member of your target audience so I might be a bit biased.

I don’t apologise for that. Comman beat me.

That being said, a review thou hast asked for, a review thou shalt receive.

Let’s get technical:


I. Design And Layout

Ahhh…  a beautiful clean white background. I’m in love.

Nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of a white background.

So yeah, the colours are right. But how’s the layout?


(i) Site Title

Clearly seen and placed in a prominent position. Good.

I only take issue with “Welcome to” before the actual site title. There really isn’t a point for that.

I once said “Welcome to” must die. I hereby reiterate that.

“Welcome to” must die. Take it off.


(ii) Tagline

“For Latest News, Sports, Entertainment , Crime, Lifestyle, Fashion Celebrity Gists. …..Gossip”

It’s great you have one. It’s not great that it’s almost the same one most sites in your niche have.

Find your edge. Find your angle. What can you give your readers that they can’t get anywhere.

Your tagline needs change… Not the APC kind sha- get something better, not worse.

(iii) Your primary navigation menu…

… is drunk.sanahgist site review

Hire Freelance Writers Now from

It’s difficult to figure out where to go from your primary navigation menu.

And that is bad, because your primary navigation menu is supposed to help us navigate your site.

Your primary nav menu is no place for “Comments”, “Archive”, A sub menu that drops down to show other sub menus (which I doubt lead anywhere) and an Error 404 page.

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“Lemove” them with immediate alacrity.

Look through your posts, arrange them into categories and put those categories in your primary navigation menu.

I see the Search field to the far right. That’s good.

You didn’t have to write “text to Search” though. Just “Search” is enough.


(iv) Your Right Side Bar

You could be doing so much more here.

Right now, you display by default 7 or 8 popular posts and then your archive beneath, a Translate bar which allows users to translate into the language they want which by the way is totally unnecessary (unless your readers are in China, and even then, this is not how to translate your page) and an Archive tab with nothing in it.

No need.

Rearrange it thus:

  • Popular posts
  • Categories
  • Subscribe widget (unless you don’t want us to subscribe)
  • Social media profile badge or follow links.
  • Archives

That way makes more sense, don’t you agree?


(v) Main Content Section

That bar about Adverts placement could easily be placed in your primary navigation menu as an “Advertise with us” page and on that page, you’ll have a Contact form for the visitor to fill.

“Lemove” it and do it like that.

The “Submit your email” field doesn’t tell us why we should submit our emails and would better serve you in your right side bar as a Subscribe widget. MOVE IT THERE.

If you do these, your main content will move up and can be seen above the fold which is where you want it to be.

As for the arrangement, I think you should make it 2 posts per line, increase the size of each snippet a bit so the images are a bit bigger and there’s a snippet from the post right beneath it with a link that says “Read more”.

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That “Trending Now” section is unnecessary. “Lemove it”. In its place, you can put links to your various categories.


(vi) Footer

Your footer is dry.

sanahgist site review

And that link to hire you for freelance writing on crimes… That would be better if you titled it as Services and put it in your primary navigation menu which is also missing a Contact me page.

Create a sort of secondary navigation menu like I describe here, and have that in your footer instead.


II. Content

For real, most of your content looks like “copy and paste” and the ones that aren’t, are barely a line or two long.

This is the same thing most bloggers in your niche are doing.

The question you should ask yourself is “If this is the same thing they’re also doing, why should they read my blog instead of any of the other 1 million other blogs doing this same thing?”

I doubt you can come up with a great answer to that right now.

After I clicked through a few posts (which I skimmed through) and saw this, I had to resist the impulse to click the little “X” in the top of my browser tab.

That is not what you want your readers to do.

You need to give them a reason to stay with you.

For your niche that’s already crowded, one way to stand out instantly is to have a strong voice on all issues.

I mean, imagine that your opinion is very important to your readers and then give them your own views in every single post.

It’d also help if your views were polarizing as well i.e. some people will like and agree with you while others might strongly disagree and even hate you.

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Either way, they will read your blog because your blog made them feel something.

And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?


III. Promotion

First of all, those social media platform icons in the top right corner of your header section are not supposed to just be there for show.

They’re supposed to actually link to your different accounts on the social media platforms and not just bring us back to your home page.

Either remove them or create social media accounts on those platforms.

I recommend you create those social media accounts and promote your content like you were on steroids because social media is your best bet for getting the word out about your blog.

IV. The Way Forward.

Look through the issues I’ve mentioned here and fix every single one of them.

You might want to also consider affiliate marketing for monetization once your site is fully set up.

If you want more, let me know.


That’s my 2 kobos on this site. Any questions, let me know in the comments.

Happy Hustling,

Tomi Joshua

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