Is this A Yobedeals or A Sasuwa Cars Site Review?

sasuwa cars site review

For some reason when I saw your URL (the one you posted on Nairaland),, a few lines from Olamide started to play in my head.

“Yo be .. Yo be” or something like that.

That aside, after typing it into my browser, it redirected to … so to answer the question in the title, this is a Sasuwa Cars site review.

And from the looks of it, I’m going to enjoy this.

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Let’s begin.

The Sasuwa Cars Site Review

Okay, from a glance, it looks like you’re building an e-commerce site for exotic cars. And that’s great.

Or rather could be great, if you weren’t using the Blogger platform to do it.

I would recommend you switch over to WordPress, install an e-commerce theme and the Woocommerce plugin. Then go ahead to recreate this awesome business idea.

That being said, you’ve done a great job considering you’ve been using the Blogger platform.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty:

I. Design And Layout

First of all, I gotta “cut cap” for you on this design.

It’s really been a long time since I’ve seen someone do something this awesome on the Blogger platform so respect bruhhhh!!

Making the background consist of cars is awesome and ties into your business, and then contrasting that with yellow (or orange) in your primary navigation menu, links and headers… that is awesome.

Your design is great.

(i) Site Title

We see it, right at the left top corner. It’s present and catches our eye. Well done.

However, we also notice a picture of your URL at the right side of your header section, and this… well, it’s pointless.

Remove it.

(ii) NO tagline

Oga bet why?

The tagline is an opportunity for you to tell us why we should decide to buy cars from this site instead of .

Don’t dull.

Craft a 4-7 word tagline that communicates what’s great about buying cars from you and makes it clear that this is the site to buy cars from.

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(iii) Your primary navigation menu

It looks good.

sasuwa cars site review

It really does… there are just a few things you need to edit.

First of all, why do you have 2 menu elements that talk about the same thing?- Car deals.

Merge them into one element, which you can just name “Deals”.

Also, add a “Contact Us” page element into the primary navigation menu as well as a Search bar. The “Contact Us” page gives us an easy way to reach you and the Search bar allows us to quickly search for a car we’re looking for without having to look too hard.

Making things easier for your visitors is always a plus.


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(iv) Your Right side bar

It looks okay.  I don’t have any serious beef with your right side bar.

I think there are just a few things you need to edit.

First, the social media links arranged around the Search bar with some above and some beneath. Not good. I think it would be better if they were all on one line.

I also noticed there is no “Subscribe” widget here. That’s a wrong move.

Having a widget that simply says “Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on the latest and best car deals” could help you start building a list.

One made up of people that you know are interested in the cars you’re offering and are probably already waiting, ATM card in hand, for the right offer.


(v) Main Content Section

Your slider is cool… I would however recommend that you change the text beneath each image and replace it with some text that says something with an emotional hook about the car in the image above it.

Also, I think you should try to arrange your posts as 2 per line. This way your visitor can see a lot more than if it was just one post per line.

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(vi) Your Footer Section

While it looks good, I think it could be better.

sasuwa cars site review

First of all, there’s no need to have an “Author” section here. Your site is an e-commerce site for cars.

So telling us you’re the author is unnecessary. Remove it.

Replace it with a Subscribe widget.

Also that About Us section is too long. Keep it short, sweet and simple.

I think apart form that, you can leave that section as it is.


II. Content

Your content fits your niche to a T.

You provide basic descriptions of the specs of the cars, along with appropriately sized images and you even have videos of the cars.

There’s a small error here, where instead of putting the date of a post, you have the time showing instead. Fix that to show the date of the post.

Your content is fine… I just wish it was more obvious that this was an e-commerce site.


III. Promotion

I played around and clicked those social media links you have in your right side bar.

The Instagram icon led me to the Instagram home page (not good), one of the Facebook icons led me to your page on Facebook which wasn’t with the same name as your site and one of the icons on Twiter led ot your page on Twiter where you’re absolutely killing it.

Some of the icons turned out to be “Share” links.

I think you should make it clear which section of icons are links to share and which ones lead to your profiles on those social media platforms.

I would also suggest you also focus on building an Instagram following, seeing as it runs on images and also focus on Pinterest as well.

One (or more) awesome hashtags on Instagram with your pics can change the game for your site. So it’s definitely a mistake to not have a IG account.

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Then add to the mix, Facebook Ads and IG Ads and you may as well have a winner right there.

IV. The Way Forward

I think you need an overhaul of your site.

You absolutely need to either move it to WordPress, install an e-commerce theme and the Woocommerce plugin or code from scratch and build an ecommerce site.

Because this Blogger platform is not really doing you any favours. I mean, you’ve done great with it so far, but right now , your site looks like a blog, which is obviously not what you want.

After making your site look like an ecommerce site, then you can also work on building a following on Instagram. Then utilize Faceboook and Instagram ads to attract more eyeballs to your site.

That’s my recommendation for you to move forward.


And with that, this review is done.

If you need help with anything, feel free to contact me on Whatsapp (08147018718) or contact me here.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Hustling!

Tomi Joshua

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