October 22, 2017

Business Plan

Let’s be honest… There’s too much senrenre around having a business plan.

Yes, I said it.

People enjoy making it seem like if you don’t have a business plan when you get started, you will not succeed.

Yes, you know you’ve heard something like that before. A lot of the business big shots enjoy pointing it out.

Business plan has become like JAMB – a requirement that has become a huge obstacle for many.

Well, forget what you’ve heard.


…Because it’s not necessarily true.

Passing JAMB does not guarantee you’ll graduate from the University with a First class degree… or that you’ll even graduate at all.

I mean, you passed JAMB but after you did, you’d have to put in study time, put in effort, fail and make changes where necessary to ensure you graduate.

In that same way, a stereotypical “business plan” does not guarantee you success or reduce the odds of failing.

Not the stereotypical type any way.


The game has changed…

It’s a new world we live in and things are changing quicker than ever before.

Stereotypical “business plans” that require you to first get all you might need, take so much time to build a product, run around looking for financing, and stay rigid are played out.

Because change is not a respecter of business plans.

If you want to succeed in launching your start up and growing beyond the ‘start up’ phase, you need a different kind of plan.

Enter The New Business Plan.

Let’s face it.

When you’re just starting out, you don’t have much of a clue about your industry.

Well, at least not enough to come up with the best business plan ever.

And that’s one reason why the stereotypical business plan won’t work for you.

What you do need instead is a plan that is flexible and changes in response to customer feedback. A plan that outlines all your ideas and guesses about the various parts of your business but still leaves room for change.

And that’s what I call The New Business Plan.

The New Business Plan is not the ultimate Paracetamol, but it can reduce most of your business headaches.

It won’t guarantee you ultimate success, but The New Business Plan will definitely minimize your chances of failure and ensure you start growing your business fast.

The New Business Plan places a huge focus on customer feedback, sales, testing assumptions and being flexible enough to respond to change.

And that’s what you ultimately need to have in order to grow your start up.

And the best part of this…

… is that you don’t have to even stress yourself.

In a 2 hour consultation session with me, we can brainstorm and come up with The New Business Plan for your business.

And then comes the testing and adapting parts that will help you tweak your plan to ensure you don’t spend years building a product or service that nobody wants.


If you’d like me to come up with a business plan for your business,

Simply fill in the form below or send an email to the500nairawriter@gmail.com or contact me on Whatsapp – +2348147018718