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Blog, Personal Stories September 13, 2017

Why You Should Dare To Feast With Lions

Real quick, picture this: You get home from work, tired as hell, so you just hit the bed and pass out. Then you wake up, and find yourself in a pride of Lions somewhere in Southern Africa. Yes… some “Daniel…..

Online Business Hustle August 27, 2017

Why You Need To Get High … On Your Hustle

I know. The headline is a bit too much. Or is it? I can never really tell but then again, my own na to write. Let the critics decide. Now, let me paint you a picture: This might be one…..

what hip hop dancing taught me about online business
Blog, Online Business Hustle August 15, 2017

What Hip Hop Dancing Taught Me About Online Business

I could hear them.  The cheers of that large crowd echoed across the auditorium. We were going to perform a routine we had done before, wearing pretty much the same costumes we had worn when we first performed it. In…..

Free conference abuja
Blog May 31, 2017

57 Motivational Quotes from Free Conference Abuja, 2017

2 days ago, it finally happened. That moment I had been waiting for. I’m not usually one to get on any bandwagon or promote things but the minute I saw that Jimi Tewe was planning to bring a team of…..