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Blog, Online Marketing September 7, 2017

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Like You Need Oxygen

First of all, let me just say this: If your business is not on social media in 2017, you’re on a…. … long thing! You might be thinking I’m just being dramatic, so let me explain: Go into any gathering…..

Blog, Blogging, Online Marketing August 16, 2017

Too Much Senrenre About SEO and Why Google Is Not Your Friend

Someone once said: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Whoever that person is, he or she deserves a high five of life. There’s been so much “senrenre” about SEO – keyword research, H1 tags, getting backlinks etcetera shmetcetera……

important online marketing skills

9 Important Online Marketing Skills Every Online Marketer Needs To Know

Ahhh… online marketing. I know… I know… some people like to “package” it up and call it digital marketing, but the fact is this: Digital marketing = Online marketing Plain simple. They are one and the same thing. Sure, they’re…..

promoting your content

The Sharp Guy Guide: Promoting Your Content Effectively

Let’s face it. All the awesome content in the whole world is bullshit if nobody knows it exists. True talk. It’s like a pastor preaching to a church with no one in it. Or an iPod playing great music with…..

The Sharp Guy’s Simple SEO Guide

Yes, it’s another SEO guide. I know you’re thinking “Do we really need another SEO guide?” Yes, we do. But this one is only for the sharp guys. The ones who don’t have time to read the whole internet just…..