Crazy User Don Show- The Mimaye Site Review

Mimaye site reviewMimaye.

That reminds me of that line in the movie “Ali” starring Will Smith. You know, the part where he goes to fight George Foreman in Uganda (or whatever African country that was), and the crowds were chanting:

“Ali Bomaye… Ali Bomaye.. Ali Bomaye” (or something like that).

Ah… good times.

But then I looked at your site, and first of all, why is it in Indonesian?

Coursera business 728x90

Is your target audience Indonesian?

I’m not attacking you… yet ūüėÄ .

I’m only trying to understand why, when I went to your site, your page came out in Indonesian. Unless you’re targeting an Indonesian audience, to be on the safe side, let your site be in English.

Okay, enough senrenre, let’s do this:

The Mimaye Site Review

I. Design And Layout:

I’m not mad at your background, the colour scheme works perfectly. Here’s what I’m mad about:

(i) Your Site has no tagline.

We put in your URL and then get redirected to a site titled “SHARE TO SHARE”.

Okay, confusion point number 1- Are we at the right site?

We check the URL. Yep, we’re at

Confusion point number 2- What is this site about?

No tagline. No tagline. What is this site about?

ARRRGHHH!! We can’t tell what this site is about.

[ I know you’re wondering why I keep using “We”.. Well, that is because We are many, LOL :D]

My point is first you have confused your visitor by offering a URL and then having a different site title. Okay, we could have gotten over that, but then you didn’t tell us what the site was about.

Yes, we think you’re deliberately trying to confuse us. We would bounce but we haff a review to do.

We can forgive the Site Title being different from the URL but please, bring back our tagline ASAP.


(ii) So I translated your site into English, and I’m looking at your primary navigation menu but that chick is not fineee… at all!

Yes, I just called your primary navigation menu a chick.

I don’t want to say any names, but right now, she looks like [insert name of any not-so-fine¬†chick you know here]

First of all, there is no “Home” element, meaning when we leave your home page, to come back, we have to type your URL again into our browser.

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Maka why na?

Please wete’m “Home” element osiso! (I hope say my Igbo try small :D)

You need to add that there.

I’m also looking at your Primary navigation menu elements, and they’re not really making sense to me (mainly because you don’t have a tagline that tells us what your site is about).

You need to get a tagline, then create posts in niches that revolve around that tagline, then group those posts into Categories based on that, and add them to your Primary navigation menu.Mimaye site review

You also have a search bar, which would have been great, but somehow, when I translated the site, it didn’t translate into English.

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You need to fix that.

Also, why do you have ” Blogger Tips” and “Blog” in your primary navigation menu?

If your site is mainly a blog, then you don’t need to have Blog in your menu. It should already be obvious from your site design that it is one.


(iii) You’re not using your Right Side Bar to its full potential.

All you have there are your Social Media links, a “Preferred Posts” (I think you mean Popular Posts), and a big freaking that just basically takes up space, but isn’t tied to your content.

With your current arrangement, you miss out on the opportunity to do things like give your users a way to search through your site for what they want, check out your Categories or subscribe to your blog.

Not good.

You can do better, and you should.

This is an easy to follow format for the Right Side Bar:

  • Search Bar
  • Popular Posts
  • Categories
  • Social Media links
  • Subscribe box
  • Archives

I think you can then put your ads anywhere after the first two sections. Nuff said.

Let’s move on.


(iv)  Your Main Content section is arranged properly.

Your images are not too huge that we have to scroll to see the content, and the content preview shown is not too long.

It’s perfect.

Your headlines sha confused me, but we’ll talk about that in the next section.

(v) Your Footer has been found wanting.

Mimaye site review


You have a phony looking ad that asks us to “Start Now” , ” Login” to our account… etc… when we have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Either get a better ad or take this off completely.

Also, why do you have “Site map” , ” CSS Minifier” and “HTML converter” here. You may have used them when you were working on the back end of your website, but we don’t need to see that.

At all.

With every element on your page, if you cannot find a benefit to the user, please Oga Mimaye, remove it.

No stories, Just Do It.

The only great things here are the Social Media links. You should add the following:

  • Categories
  • Subscribe button
  • Search Bar

And I think you’d be solid with that.


II. Content.

When I saw your site display in Indonesian and saw that you didn’t have a tagline, and your primary navigation menu was a bit… not put together, I already was scared about what I’d see when I read through your content.

I almost bounced. But, a review thou asked for, a review thou shalt receive, which is why I’m still here.

(i) Your Headlines

I don’t know if it’s the translator, or something else but here’s what I see when I look at your main content section.Mimaye site review¬†The headlines seem a bit like gbagaun.

You can’t have that, unless you’re doing it deliberately, and if you are, you should stop. It’s not helping in any way.

It would only discourage your visitors from reading the content.

Please work on your headlines and make sure the benefit to the reader is clearly communicated in the headline.


(ii) Body Content

I clicked on one of our posts and it still opened in Indonesian. That’s definitely something you need to look into, and fix.

So I’m going through your content, and my Google translate was taking its sweet time to translate it, so I didn’t wait.

I see you write in big blocks of paragraphs:

Mimaye site review

Let’s forget the fact that they’re in Indonesian for a minute.

Your paragraphs are really huge.

I think you should know by now that most people don’t read much online. They scan through pages, looking for certain keywords.

Big paragraphs like this scare the visitor and make him think you don’t have what he’s looking for. Neither of these are not good.

Break up these paragraphs and try to have a maximum of 3 sentences per paragraph instead of this huge paragraph system you’re running here.

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It makes your content scannable.

Also try to “embolden” parts of your content that you want the visitor to focus on. Make them bold.¬†That way while scanning, those parts will catch his eye and stop him.

(iii) I can’t tell if you’re writing for your target audience

I’d blame it on the Indonesian but I think without a tagline, you’re probably just creating random content, not tailored to a particular audience.

You should figure out who your target audience is, and then create content to educate and inform them.

I think let’s leave content alone there.


III. Promotion

If you don’t already know what SEO is, you might want to learn and do it, or hire somebody to do it. And yes, you should promote on social media.

But first, you need to hold off on that till your site is in order.


IV. Questions for you to think about:

(i) Is this for business or pleasure?

I don’t see an offer anywhere on your site.

(ii) Do you want us to subscribe to your site?

Because I don’t see a Subscribe button anywhere

(iii) Who is your target audience?

It’s always about them, not you. So you need to know them, and create content for them.


Any way, I’m just gonna leave you with these ones for now. Let me know if you’d like help with any of the issues.

P.S. If you’re reading this, and you’d like a site review, post it here.

I’m out.

Happy Hustling!

Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

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