Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Have Made My Life Easier

Okay, you’re probably thinking:

“Tomi, your blog is too young to be making a Top 10 list of plugins.”

And you might be right.

Except for the fact that I only got into WordPress about a year ago, and if I say so myself, which I do, my site looks awesome.

It’s not perfect, but it looks and works good enough to be considered… ahem… professional.

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And I’m sure a lot of people are wondering:

“How the hell did you get your site to this level?”

To which I answer:

“It’s all in the plugins.”

I know some people out there still got mad love for Blogger, Wix and Joomla, but let me just set the record straight.

They got nothing on WordPress.

The sheer amount of plugins that allow you do whatever you want to do makes WordPress King among other Content Management Systems (CMS).

In this game, it’s all about the plugins.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Make My Blog Lit

I’m not saying my blog is perfect. There’s still a ton of work to be done.

But… my blog and site as a whole works.

And I’ll take that over Blogger’s confusing backend any day.

Now, the plugins:

#1. Akismet


This plugin is basically a 10 wordpress plugins

There are a lot of jackasses/ trolls/ goblins on the internet whose sole purpose is to post shitty, annoying, pointless or pornographic comments on blogs.

Why anybody would do that, I don’t know. And I don’t care.

Akismet doesn’t care either. It just makes sure those comments never come close to my site.

Like a good bodyguard should.



#2. Yoast SEO

This was one of the very first plugins I installed. top 10 wordpress plugins

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You know how there’s so much “senrenre” about SEO?

This plugin makes doing on page SEO a breeze.

Sure, you still have to do keyword research and decide on your focus keyword but once you do that, Yoast will tell you everywhere you need to have your keyword appear in your content.

How’s that for simple SEO.

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#3. Jetpack

This is another beautiful 10 wordpress plugins

I haven’t even scratched the surface of all Jetpack can do.

Mainly because I just use it for stats and I don’t feel like paying Jetpack so I can use SEO with it when I already have Yoast.

But all in all, Jetpack is definitely a must have and a must keep plugin for me.



#4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

I aint gonna lie. top 10 wordpress plugins

I only recently started using this plugin (I’ll explain why in a bit) but damnnn Google analytics is crayyyyy!

The wealth of information about your site you get from this plugin is second to none!

It’s like that awesome smell of freshly made indomie noodles with a hint of ego whipping.

If you’re interested in growing your traffic and you’re not afraid to find out the cold dark truth about your site’s current performance, then this plugin is a must.

#5. Insert Headers And Footers

top 10 wordpress pluginsI’d been banging my head against the wall for months trying to verify my site ownership in Google Search Console till I met this plugin.

(This was part of why I only recently started using Google Analytics).

A big issue in WordPress my web developer best friend keeps complaining about is that you can’t get in and access the HTML code whenever you want.

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And for a while, site ownership verification was my biggest headache.


This plugin lets you take whatever code Google gives you and put it in the <head> section of your HTML easily.

This would come in handy when you’re applying for Adsense as well.

#6. ShareThis

I was using another social media share plugin when I met 10 wordpress plugins

And after one date, I instantly broke up with my previous share plugin and switched over to ShareThis.

I’m not going to ruin the awesomeness.

Install it and see how awesome ShareThis is for yourself.




#7. Advanced WP Columns

top 10 wordpress pluginsI’d been trying to build a services page for a while.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was going to need this plugin.

It allows you to divide your page into columns so you can put an image on one side and text on the other.

You might not get it from that explanation. Click here to see the services page I built using this plugin.







#8. MaxButtons

While building the services page I mentioned above, I realized I’d need to have buttons that link to other 10 wordpress plugins

I did a small Google search and voila!

I found MaxButtons and proceeded to use it to add buttons to my services page.

This plugin is too easy to use even a “kindergartener” can use it.

Get it.



#9. Rainmaker Form

top 10 wordpress pluginsIf you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably already know what a form is.

And why you need to have one (or more).

You know you need to build a list and get emails.

Now, I’m not saying Rainmaker is the absolute best, but at a time when I needed help, Rainmaker was there for me.

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And if you install it, Rainmaker Form will be there for you too.




#10. MailPoet Newsletters

top 10 wordpress pluginsSo you start capturing emails and building your list.


Now, you need to mail your list regularly.

I found MailPoet Newsletters at a time when I wasn’t able to get MailChimp or Aweber to take care of my autoresponder needs.

While MailPoet Newsletters is like MailChimp’s distant uneducated cousin, it still serves its purpose and as such, has earned my respect.



There you go – the top 10 wordpress plugins that have made my life as a blogger a whole lot easier. There are still others but these 10 have been my best plugin friends so far.

What do you think? Got any better plugins I should know about?

Let’s talk in the comments.

Keeping it 500,

Tomi Joshua

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