The Tricks From TricksGyan Site Review

tricksgyan site reviewWhen I saw your URL, I figured:

“Ahhh, another tech site in disguise… but maybe I’ll be surprised a little.”

I wasn’t surprised.

It’s another tech site.

I think tech blogs might be the new entertainment blogs since for some reason everybody seems to be blogging in that niche.

Coursera business 728x90

But wetin concern agbero with overload?

A review you asked for, a review you shall get.

The TricksGyan Site Review

I’m getting tired of reviewing tech sites, but for some reason, they just keep coming.

Most of them make me want to punch myself in the face.

Luckily, TricksGyan isn’t one of those.

I. Design And Layout

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, you’re quite aware of how much I love white backgrounds.

And that’s because when it comes to design and content, white space is your friend.

It makes your content easier to read, and your design easier to understand.

And TricksGyan kills it with this white background. It’s so beautiful that I want to propose to it her, get married and have some tech site babies.

But that’s another story.

(i) Site Logo

First thing I see as my eyes hit your site is that beautiful logo smack dab in the center.

tricksgyan site review

It’s big, unique, proud and attention grabbing.

And that’s great. It also tells me I never miss road and I’m at the right site.

Good one.

It would have been awesome if you had a tagline right below it though.

(ii) I definitely love the header menu feature you have on there.

tricksgyan site review

I can’t even hate on that at all. It’s cool.


(iii) Your Primary Navigation Menu

You have the right idea putting a Home Element, your Categories and a Search Field here.

tricksgyan site review

However, I noticed you didn’t add in all your categories. You should do that.

Take advantage of the prominent position the primary navigation menu occupies and use that to show us visitors that you have what we came looking for.

(iv) That “Trending Now” Ticker

That’s dope. Keep that there.

Everybody wants to feel like they’re “in the know”. This ticker shows them content that helps them appear “in the know”

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(v) I’m not a big fan of this “Big block of Categories” thingy you have here

tricksgyan site review

I’ve visited your site a few times and this section never seems to change.

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And because of that, when I come to your site, I basically want to always scroll past this section fast.

I feel you’d be better off replacing this with a slider that shows either your latest posts or your popular posts.

That’d be a far better way to use this section.

(vi) Right Side Bar

You’re not necessarily doing a bad job here, but you could definitely do much better.

I’m not mad at it. I’m just mad at the order.

You have the Subscribe widget first.. not a bad idea at all.

What should come next are either your “Popular posts” or ” Your recent posts” instead of the social media follow widget.

Next you should have your Categories here. After that, then you can have your social media follow widget and maybe Archives.

I don’t really see why you should have an “Author’s box” here. A far better place to put this would be beneath every post you write. And try to make the description a bit more interesting than “Blogger by Passion and A Computer Science Student.”

If you want people to be interested in you or what you write, you need to first be interesting. Remember that.

Ahh. I see you put the “Recent posts” section lower… not a good idea. Move it up.

Also change the title of the “Must Read” to either “Most Read” or “Popular content”.

(vii) Main Content Section

I was enjoying the arrangement till I scrolled through to the bottom and saw you have a section for your Latest posts.

Now, looking at it, it seems like you’re just trying to force everything to fit on this home page. And that isn’t how you build a home page.

That’s like immediately bombarding a lady you’re interested in with all the information about you, your nuclear and extended family, your life ambitions etcetera shmetcetera. If you’re a sharp guy, you know not to do that.

It’s exactly like that with your home page.

It’s supposed to be a table of contents in a book that shows you what’s in the book. The other pages are the chapters.

Remove that latest articles section and you’re good.

(viii) Footer Section

Abeg which one be “Editor Picks”?

Is this a newspaper, or an ezine or a blog?

Please oh, remove the Editor Picks thing. Also, your Recent Comments section would better serve you in the right sidebar.

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Popular posts : Show more than 3, maybe 5.

Popular categories: Why not just say Categories instead? People are usually interested in what they’re interested in. Calling a Category popular won’t make us read it if it’s not what we’re interested in.

When you remove the Recent comments thing from your footer, your About Us section and social media links would move upward. And that would definitely be an improvement over what you have now.


II. Content

Okay, here you’re absolutely killing it.

Whoever your target audience is, you seem to have a good finger on their pulse and can tell what content gets their hearts racing.

I would recommend you work more on your headlines though, add a bit of personality into the mix (and your blog posts), but that’s just me.

Also, that Wikipedia-style “Table of Contents” is a nice touch. And it’s working for you (except on your Contact page. It looks a bit ridiculous there so you might want to remove it).

I also noticed you like to write in big blocks of paragraphs. Not good. Try to break those paragraphs up into 1-3 sentences each.

That’d be much better and would make your content easier to read.

III. Promotion

When I saw that Sumo Me plugin icon with that social media share plugin that followed from the top of the page to the bottom, I was glad.

I wasn’t so glad when I noticed you don’t have many followers on Facebook. Because Facebook has over a billion users and your readers are there.

I think you should amp up your efforts to promote on Facebook (with a page, Facebook Ad campaigns etc) and also work on your twitter promotions. Or just hire someone to manage social media for you.

On the other hand, I believe you shouldn’t just focus on one method of promotion.

SEO will definitely work with your niche. You can join various forums and get valuable keywords from questions being asked there.

Then you create a post using that keyword (after extensive keyword research, of course) and you stand a huge chance of ranking high for that keyword.

The important thing to note is to know your audience, where they hang out and the right way to promote on each platform.

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IV. The Way Forward

First things first, handle all those design and layout issues I pointed out. After all, packaging is very necessary.

Next, you’ll need to put out more content. I noticed the most recent post was from March.

Bad move.

You need to post more content, and regularly, too. That way you build audience engagement and give people something a reason to keep coming back to your blog.

Then you also need to amp up the promotion and grow your fan base.

By the way, you might want to create a lead magnet to get people to opt in to your newsletter.

What I mean by lead magnet is an e-book or a report that is something they would be interested in that you can give to them in exchange for their email addresses. You’ll get more sign ups doing that.

And also, you should have a pop-up that comes up after about 30 – 45 seconds like I do on my site. Yes, you will interrupt your reader, but at the same time, it will increase your signups and you can start building your email list.

Then I noticed you aren’t really monetizing in any way, why is that? Are you blogging for fun or is this actually a business?

To find out more ways to monetize your blog, read this post.

And with that, I’m done.

If you’d like my help in any way, see my offers here.

If you’re reading this and you’d like me to also review your site, follow this link.

Happy Hustling!

Tomi Joshua

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