The Lost Week: What to Do When You Fall

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. when you fall

There’s no easy way to admit this to you, but…

I fell off last week.

No writing, or major hustling.

I tried, but I couldn’t quite keep it together to construct a simple predicate, not to mention a sentence.

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Sure, there was a bit of writing here and there, to keep the creative juices flowing but I didn’t create any blog post that was “publish-worthy” last week.

Don’t worry. This post is not about me complaining about how my last week didn’t work out or playing the victim in any way at all.

I don’t think I need to give you a reason for writing this post, but if you’re looking for one, how about this?

“It doesn’t matter that you fall. What matters is what you do after you fall.”

Anyway, so I started off the week in usual Tomi fashion – doing a lot of reading and making plans.

I planned for it to be a kick ass week. Unfortunately, my actions led me elsewhere.

I had a lot on my plate – practising HTML, learning Java, drawing designs for a new entrepreneurial venture and working on a course.

Then I got a bit distracted by a TV show with a compelling character.

We’ve all been there. Something that grabs your attention and holds it.

In my case, it was a  TV show. For some other people, it could be a novel or a couple of movies.

Suffice it to say, I was hooked and felt like I couldn’t break loose.

Towards the weekend, I finally got the memo and realized how I’d not been on my hustle, how I was taking a route I had taken before.

And I knew it wasn’t leading to the life of my dreams, to achieving my goals or to anywhere meaningful to my purpose.

That made me pissed off at myself and depressed.

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It took all I had to push it all down and get back on my grind. And I learnt (or re-learnt) a few things along the way:


#1. When you fall, you have to pick yourself back up almost immediately. No one will do it for you.

We’re all humans. We all make mistakes. We all make the wrong decisions at times, revisit old habits and do things we know we shouldn’t do.

We all fall.

But what matters isn’t that you fell. It’s what you do after you fall, and how quickly you pick yourself back up.

A big issue that bugged me was realizing I’d have to do all the work by myself. And I’m ashamed to say, I played the victim all week long – blamed it on no MB, used the famous “I’m tired” excuse, etcetera shmetcetera.

But the fact is – It was all my fault.

And I needed to tell myself what I tell a few of my close friends : “Stop blaming your problems on something or somebody else, and take responsibility for your life.”

So I did that. And things started to look up.

When you realize that you are 100% responsible for your life (both the failure and success), it becomes clear that if you don’t like anything in your life, you permitted it to be there, and if you don’t want it in your life, you have to get up and remove it.

And when you fall, you, not anybody else, have to pull yourself back up.

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#2. No matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone, turn back.

It took me a week to rein myself back in.

But it didn’t have to take that long. It did, because I allowed it.

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The whole time I knew I was going the wrong way, but I didn’t turn back. And trust me, I wish I did earlier.

And I could have. I was just too busy playing the victim.

Whenever you fall, the quicker you start climbing back up, the better for you.

The duration is irrelevant. Whether you’ve been going down the wrong road for 1 day, 2 days, a week, a month, or a year is pointless. Stop, turn back and start going the right way.

#3. Treat your dream job like your day job.

We all know this now famous cliche – “Do what you love” and many of us (including me) have probably taken the dive and started doing what we love.

The funny thing about it is that no matter how much we love doing it, there are going to come days when you don’t feel like going to the studio, or writing that blog post or doing what we know needs to be done.

Especially in the beginning when it hasn’t started paying off.

So because we don’t feel like it, we don’t do it.

This is a very very wrong move. Because consistency  is the untold secret to success.

It’s all well and good to start. Motivation and ginjah are wonderful, but if you don’t stay consistent, the journey to the success you want will be longer than it already is going to be.

Imagine your dream job was your day job and at the end of 30 days, you were getting paid to stay on your grind.

Well, this may be relative, but if you’re like I am, you probably don’t like explaining to your boss that you don’t feel like working one day or the other because you know it will affect that end-of-the-month salary.

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The only difference now is that in your hustle, you think you are your own Boss. But that’s not entirely true.

Sure you may make the decisions and call the shots, but you are not really your own Boss. Your customers and target audience are.

They hold you to a certain standard and expect you to show up everyday. By being inconsistent, you betray that trust.

And every time you do that, you have to almost start from scratch and build it back up again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of starting over every now and then.

So what do you do?

When you don’t feel like working on your dream job, treat it like your day job and get back to work. Along the way, you’d remember your “Why”- why you started on it in the first place, and the motivation and ginjah will come back and find you.

NO excuses or senrenre. Just do it.

Keeping it 500,

Tomi Joshua

Author: Tomi Joshua

Tomi is a case.

A bit brash, at first blush. But ultimately, he means well. There are very few things he won’t say or do in the presence of tolerant company (especially when it could make for a good story later).

Tomi is a Doctor, writer, certified inbound marketer (Shout Out to HubSpot), Digital Hustler, and online business addict.

He is most likely to be found dancing to the beat of his own drum, even in accapella.

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