7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

You want to make money from your blog.

why your blog is not making any money

Linda Ikeji’s crib aka Every Blogger’s Dream
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Don’t deny it.

You know the main reason you got into blogging is because you heard people were becoming richer than gods from blogging.

Don’t give me that look.

You know you want that mansion in Banana Island.

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Now, if you’re done living in denial, let’s address a serious problem.

You set up your blog in a niche you think you can make money in. There’s only one problem – no money is coming in.

Maybe you started a blog similar to Linda Ikeji’s.

And you believe that sharp sharp the money should be rolling in.

Months and years pass by. Still 0 naira 0 kobo.

Now, you’re beginning to believe maybe blogging really doesn’t make as much money as you were led to believe.

First of all, you’re wrong. And second of all, blogging can make you money and maybe even make you richer than a god.

The problem is – you’re not monetizing your blog properly.

And that’s a problem that is going to get addressed in this post. So get your favourite beer or beverage, settle into a comfortable chair and read on.

7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

Now, I know I may have sounded materialistic in the intro. Well, I am.

But underneath that, I recognize that to make money, you need to deliver value. And you should know that too.

But is that enough?

Is that all it takes to make money?

Insert A big ass NO! here.

If your blog has not made you money, it could be for any (or more) of these 7 reasons:

#1. You’re blogging without a cause

“Blogging without a cause” is a term I coined to describe all the Ekaettes of the blogosphere who just throw up post after post without an inkling of whether the post delivers any value or not.

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I’m not saying don’t blog but if you don’t have an underlying message or value to deliver, then please don’t.

Value here could be anything from entertainment, to information, to education to sometimes a mixture of all three.

If your blog isn’t doing any of them, then you’re most likely not making any money for that reason.

Simply because nobody will read your blog, and when nobody reads your blog, you may as well be a lion roaring in the jungle with noone to hear it.

#2. You have no plan for monetizing your blog

Most people start blogs without any plan for monetizing it. Yes, all of you, I’m talking to you.

why your blog is not making any money

No plan = No money
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It’s the way I started my first blog.

I made no money from it nor was there any possibility in the near and far future that I could make any money from it.

Because I had no plan for how my blog would make money.

If you don’t come up with ideas or a plan to make money from your blog, nobody else will. And no surprise, you won’t make any money from your blog.

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Whether it’s through Adsense, Affiliate marketing, offering consulting services, writing books or creating digital products, you need to have a plan for monetizing your blog or else you won’t make any money from your blog.

#3. Nobody knows your blog exists.

This is usually the case when you fail to do SEO or promote your content like a junkie.

If you don’t get your site SEO ready as well as do off page SEO, your site won’t get indexed and you won’t be able to take advantage of organic traffic.

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And if you also don’t get the word out on social media about your blog, and about what you do, nobody will know about your blog or your services or products.

They will also not click whatever ads you have on your blog.

All that = No money from your blog.


#4. Your site is difficult to use

I’ve done more than a couple site reviews and believe me, I’ve seen sites that literally make you want to scratch your eyes out or click the “Back” button.

Maybe the home page was not constructed with the user in mind, or there’s just no clear navigation menu that shows how to go from A to B to C.

If your site is difficult to understand and use, people generally don’t have the patience to wait for you to come hold their hand and guide them through it.

They leave.

Before you even have the chance to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

#5. You don’t have an email list

If you’ve hung around the blogosphere long enough, you’ve definitely heard this one.

“The money is in the list.”

And indeed it is.

A list is like having a group of would-be customers hanging around eagerly waiting to receive your latest post, update or product.

With a list, the war is already half-won. They already indicated their interest in what you offer, by giving you their email.

All you have to do is convince them to buy by sending a couple helpful emails and an offer every once in a while.

Yes. Email marketing.

And everybody in the know knows email marketing is the highest converting form of marketing.

#6. You don’t offer anything up for sale

Most people forget the “business” in “online business”.

Sure, you blog because you have something of value to say but if you forget about the “business” part of the equation, the “business” part and his brother “money” will forget about you.

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As a blogger, you have a lot of ways to make money from your blog that are open to you.

If you decide not to take advantage of all these options and offer something for sale, your blog will not automatically make money.

#7. Time

One thing most people forget about blogging is that it really takes time before you start to see any profit.why your blog is not making any money

Blogging is a cash crop, not a food crop.

Most of the highest earning bloggers in the world put in at least 5 years before they began to see any significant return on their investment of time.

So, if you’ve only been blogging for a month, 6 months or a year, calm down and keep working.

Offer products for sale and all, but realize that to get that mansion in Banana Island, it will take time.



Take these 7 reasons and get to work. And remember to remember #7. It is going to take time because everything really good in life takes time.

Keeping it 500,

Tomi Joshua


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